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FOLLOW-UP/LATEST UPDATE on Tre Arrow's Potential Release!!!

Were BACK TO SQUARE ONE, with regard to bail, but still very hopeful.
There was no hearing last week, since the surety (property/$/24-7 person)
necessary for Tre's bail release fell through.
Tre is hopeful that with some tremendous collective efforts, a revised
surety option will allow him to meet the requirements before his next
hearing opportunity. We're sending this message out, far and wide!!!

Tre needs someone to offer $100,000 to $300,000 in cash bail OR property
ANYWHERE in BC, Canada which is valued at $100-300,000. The person
offering the surety (house) DOESN'T have to be the actual place he stays! It
would be IDEAL, if house/property and 24/7 person were one and the same, but
Tre and his lawyer have discussed other scenarios that the judge, who was
uncharacteristically sympathetic to Tre's situation, MAY go for (the
judge was completely MOVED BY and read all those letters of support ya'll
wrote on his behalf-friends and family sent over 60 letters!)

A 24/7 person is still needed in conjunction with the above, and some
amazing folks out there (in Canada) are going over the logistics as this
is being written! Tre is clear to say that the 24/7 person would serve as
his house supervisor and further details will be provided if needed. Reach
me at  seascarp@hotmail.com.

Tre would like to mention there is now a fund to assist with his living
expenses, now and in the future and if you're in a place to donate,
please do so. Donations to the fund may be sent to:

Jim Taggart MRAIC
301-609 Stamps Landing
Vancouver BC V5Z 3Z1
Checks need to be made out to Jim Taggart, a deeply trusted, close
friend of our family.

Tre would ADORE any visitors, any letters at North Fraser. He sends
tons of love and thanks out to the supporters who have so consistently and
wholeheartedly been there for him all these months. He is gaining weight
and getting stronger! Tre would benefit from a ton of positive, protective
energy sent his way, and candles lit with this intention, as he was just
placed in a single cell (a great thing for Tre!) and other inmates are
not happy,(seniority and such).

Please check out www.trearrow.org for all the most recent info and
addresses, and past call-outs (August and October).

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org