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Bush: Full Safety From Terrorist Strike Is "Up In The Air"

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - President George W. Bush said in a television interview to be broadcast Monday it is "up in the air" whether the United States can ever be fully safe from another attack and suggested terrorists may still be contemplating ways to disrupt the election.
In an interview with Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes, taped in Florida on Saturday, the president was asked whether the country would always be vulnerable to another terror attack and whether Americans would always have to live with that.

"Yes, because we have to be right 100 per cent of the time in disrupting any plot and they have to be right once," Bush said. He said the country is safer from terrorism, but "whether or not we can be ever fully safe is up - you know, up in the air."

Excerpts from the interview were released Sunday.

Bush said he was sure terrorists still "think about" trying to disrupt the Nov. 2 election, citing the March 11 train bombings in Madrid that killed 191 people right before Spain's national elections.

"I don't want to alarm anybody because . . . there's nothing specific at this point in time - a kind of general intent," Bush said.

Bush caused a flap at the Republican convention in New York in late August when he said of the war on terror: "I don't think you can win it." The comment, made in an interview with NBC, complicated party efforts to portray him as a resolute leader.

The president quickly backed away from the earlier remark, asserting that the war on terror could be won, even if not in a conventional sense, and that he "probably needed to be more articulate."

In the Fox interview, Bush also was asked whether a nuclear, chemical or biological attack in the United States is a real possibility. "Yes it is," Bush replied. "That's the biggest threat we face."

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The anti-christ is planning something 25.Oct.2004 08:51

Jesus follower

Bush, the anti-christ, Dracula Dick and SS Rumsfeld are planning something big. Even if Kerry got in the Bush cabal will not stop until they destroy the planet. The ruling class will never give up its criminal conspiracies against the working people. And, yes, conspiracies do exist! Read Adam Smith.

Stop the madness!

might as well be saying this... 25.Oct.2004 13:47

this thing here

"America is safer under my leadership. A terrorist attack may happen at any moment."
- President George W. Bush II

"We are under threat of attack. We are safer now."
- President George W. Bush II

"With my leadership, we will win the war on terror. But we can never really be sure if we will win."
- President George W. Bush II

this is called crazy making.

hang a threat over people's heads the very second before you claim to be the only solution. claim to be the solution to a threat that may never go away, that is always present. make people associate the mere mention of your name or the sight of your face with a terrible threat and it's brilliant solution. and vice versa. all part of the intentional mind-fucking, cult making the bush admin. has been doing since 9-12-01, which seems to have worked very very well on about half of the voting public.

GWBush is doing a great job for 1% of americans 26.Oct.2004 01:03


Bush is doing a great job for 1% of americans the "uber class"

The rest of the americans is planed to be good patriot soldiers (means dont ask stupid questions and critize) and for all his services and staff to control the rest of the people.

And he skip cancelled everything what made america what it was.-.

Today its not a democracy anymore just refer to the elections or the "Press".
The television mainstream media is a joke!

Very very ashaming times for the us (national and global).

But things starting to change!

The last 24h China and cuba starting to trash the $dollar ... more intresting changes to come.

The bush administration is very effective in destroying our economy and bringing fear to our communitys!