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Photos from RNC 2004

no rnc 2004
Here is a small sampling of some of my photographs from No RNC events 2004.

More photos 24.Oct.2004 14:10

Bette Lee joyofresistance@hotmail.com

Additional photos from No RNC events 2004

More photos 24.Oct.2004 14:24

Bette Lee joyofresistance@hotmail.com

A few more photos from No RNC events 2004

These are beautiful 24.Oct.2004 14:30

thanks, Bette

It's unusual to see b/w photos on this site- they look great.
Glad you went to NYC.

Thanks, Bette! 24.Oct.2004 18:38


Are you going to show your photos somewhere? It'd be a real treat to see them in person!

Thanks! 24.Oct.2004 19:40


Thank you Bette Lee! I always enjoy your photos of events in pdx, and i'm happy you travelled to nyc to document the rnc protest. are you going to make postcards of some of these pics as well?

photos of rnc protests 27.Oct.2004 11:40

bette lee joyofresistance@hotmail.com

thanks missy, monkeygrrrl and others for your generous feedback. i appreciate you taking the time to comment. and a big THANK YOU/HUG to the queen of dumpster diving for posting them!

postcards are available at laughing horse bookstore, in other words, and people's coop.

also, please come to the art shows: anti-war group show at alberta arts pavilion, and rnc protests at the know gallery. details are found in the oct. 27th posting on indymedia website. both shows are free and hope to see you there!

RNC PROTESTS in NYC photos 31.May.2005 18:08

bette lee joyofresistance@yahoo.com

in case anyone wants to contact me re: use of my photos, here's my new email address:


i'm no longer with hotmail.