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"God's Word" (in 25 words or less)

Today is Sunday, and the topic of today's sermon is idol worship, which, tragically, despite the best efforts of reformers, has continued to corrupt and pollute our nation throughout its history and even right up to this very day.

"God's Word"

In 25 words or less - a primer

"Show No Mercy!" Deut 7:2
"Make no peace!" Deut 7:2
"March to War!" Numbers 32:20
"Ethnic cleanse!" Deut. 20:15
"Commit genocide!" Joshua 10:20
"Enslave!" Lev. 25:44
"Beat to death!" Ex. 21:20
"Kill women and chilldren!" Numbers 31:17, 1 Samuel 15:3
"Kill all prisoners!" Deut 7:2
"Destroy!" Deut. 7:16
"Annihilate!" Deut. 17:29
"Slaughter!" Deut. 13:15, Joshua 8:24
"Burn!" Deut. 13:15
"Torture!" Lev. 24:23, Numbers 5:11
"Massacre!" Numbers 21:2
"Exterminate!" Deut 2:34, Deut 3:3
"Crush!" Deut. 33:29
"Kill!" Joshua 9:24
"Destroy!" Deut 31:4
"Smote!" Esther 9:5
"Slash!" Judges 15:8
"Burn!" joshua 6:24
"Kill!" Joshua 10:10
"Kill!" Judges 11:33
"Kill!" Deut 9:3
"Loot!" Deut. 20:10
"Plunder!" Numbers 31:9, Deut 2:35
"Rape!" Numbers 31:18, Deut. 21:10, Judges 21:11
"Pillage!" 1 Samuel 23:5
"Kill!" Deut 9:3
"Kill!" Deut 20:15
"Kill!" Judges 21:11

The QUESTION : I have asked this question many times, and I have never received an answer, and the question is ignored as though it was never asked, but I repeat it here. Why is it the case that this so called Almighty God is never found to do its own killing, its own warring, or its own stonings and burnings, but rather is always found delegating to that task to Right Wing Authoritarians instead?

The ANSWER : There are only two possible answers to this question, the first being that there was no god at all, leaving people to do their own dirty work themselves, or that there was a God after all, but it wasn't that wothless thing described by the Bible, once again leaving people to do their own dirty work while telling ridiculous lies. (Did that thing have a broken arm, and thus could not hold a sword itself?) No matter which of these two solutions is correct, this would explain why my question goes unanswered, since in either case what this means is that the 'saved' who believe the Bible is "God's Infallible Word", far from being superior (the chosen ones with the exclusive right to dwell in heaven) are actually our culture's idol worshippers and thus it is pretty obvious that despite their claims they do not speak for any god that actually exists.

Thought for the day :
This persistence of idol worship in our culture doesn't do much to maintain faith for those who have it. If there was a God this would explain why they receive no acknowledgement, leaving people to ask 'Where is your god?", since they obstinately persist in calling upon an idol, which by definition does not exist, and thus cannot respond.

links 24.Oct.2004 11:09


Jihad in the Bible - A Graphic Commentary (Warning - violent photos)
A completely new idea in the field of Bible Commentary...as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Judeo-Christian Origins of 'Islamic' Terrorism
An examination of the hypocritical condemnation of Islam by many of our nations "believer's in the one true religion"

the seventh day? 24.Oct.2004 11:21


Or than again maybe it was the 7th day for that god, and thus it was still resting after exhausting itself for 6 days ... this would explain why that thing just couldn't lift its weary ass up off of its throne long enough to do a little warring or genocide itself, and instead had to delegate that responsibility to others who still had some get and up go...And that doesn't do much for a person's faith, when that thing can't even show up to stone someone or perform the occassional beheading, and instead has to send surrogates to get that done...because when you stop and think about it if those 'Islamic' fanatics, who also worship that jihad god of the Bible (the source book of Islam after all) should be calling on that thing to lop of the head of the infidel and this would really make their screams of 'Allah Akbar' mean something ('God is Great!')...it would also make for a hell of a lot more interesting video to post on the internet, but alas, as I said, whether Muslim, Christian, or Jew, that god of theirs just never shows up for the stonings and stake burnings and fraticidal wars, thus leaving the Holy Saints to do the deed thmeselves, because after all it wouldn't do to leave the work of god undone, and if that god of theirs won't do it you can see how it would be the case that they will to see to it themselves...

Don't Forget... 24.Oct.2004 12:41

Dick Cheney

...God fucks those who go fuck themselves!

check it out 24.Oct.2004 16:08


Your problem is that you concentrate on Moses' choice of the Old Testiment's multiple Jehovahs. The prophet's Jehovah, Jehovah Sabaoth, trashed everything Moses' version of Jehovah had to say. Jesus also trashed Moses' Jehovah. Moses himself admitted to be a devil worshipper in Ex. 19:5

Don't forget 24.Oct.2004 17:36

I was a teenage church-goer

The Old Testament (mainly the history of the Hebrews) and the New Testament (the story of Jesus and the early days of the Christian church after his death) have very different "spins" on God... The list of violent words above represents the mean-spirited God of the Old Testament, but Jesus' description paints a rosier picture of love and forgiveness.

Conveniently for the right-wing Christians we love to hate, they can point to the O.T. when they're in the mood to judge and condemn and exclude; but accuse them of this and they'll quote the N.T. to say "see, we love everybody, come to our church for acceptance and forgiveness." Christians get to have it both ways, depending on which suits their tactics better... which is why when you quote the book of Leviticus it doesn't embarrass them.

And still, polls show half of Amerians (or some ungodly portion like that) believe in the ABSOLUTE LITERAL TRUTH of the Bible. Go figure.

--a recovering christian

thank you for this post 25.Oct.2004 00:03


I hope one day the taboo can be broken regarding speaking about others religions because of how influential these doctrines are on peoples lives, they can and often do cause great harm.

To make a semi-related comment: I still often think of how Mikhail Bakunin in "god and the state" characterized the story of the apple of knowledge and eve and adam... god punished eve and adam for the desire to think, and the desire to rebel. For disobeying god and eating the apple of knowledge.

so then to me; thinking and rebellion seem necessary to be free, because as i see it; religion is often mental enslavement.

and this is said with respect for those religious ones who feel misrepresented; please engage us: most of us are doing this out of love for humanity!!!

Science Disagrees 25.Oct.2004 18:01


Little bit of science

E=MC squared
Reduced to E=M in modern units

Therefore E is M.

Energy, light and mass are the same thing, at different rates.

E is Energy

E is infinite
E is onmipresent
E is omnipotent
E is all powerful
E is the source of all things
E is the beginning and the end.
E cannot be created nor destroyed
E has always been and always will be

'Through him all things are done' - To do anything requires energy.

I would reconsider your opinion carefully.

MAT - Big Bang Simulator v0.0.2 (Just Released)