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corporate dominance | human & civil rights | imperialism & war selection 2004

KAPITALIST MANIFESTO, the FINAL episode, America's farewell to elections . . .

... IN WHICH ... with an upcoming election, Commander DUBYA TUSH and his henchmen pull every dirty trick in the book to remain in power. It might best be described as a "non-fiction novel" for radio. Tokers welcome; it will help.
... Tune in to KBOO this Monday at 11pm for ~THE_BIG_LIE~
UBU Hour Radio Theatre. These files are relatively lofi, to allow for compression. High Quality CD available from Rolf Semprebon at KBOO, phone, email etc as below.

homepage: homepage: http://www.kboo.fm/programs/132.php
phone: phone: 503.231.8032
address: address: UBU Hour Radio Theatre / KBOO / 20 SE 8th Ave / Portland OR 97214