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RW website poster admits hacking IMCs, promises more to come

Let's have these sleazeballs locked up!
(I tried to post this on the NYC IMC but kept getting input errrors. Please feel free to repost anywhere you think may have an interest.)

The website  http://www.rightwingextremist.com has posted what amounts to a confession admitting placing redirectors on at least 19 IMC websites, thereby temporarily disabling access to those sites and redirecting IMCers to four right wing sites including the main webpage of the George Bush campaign. Under strict "anti-hacking" legislation adopted over the past several years, interference with internet communication in this way is a Federal felony carrying severe penalties. There are also First Amendment and civil rights issues involved, because the attacks targeted at least 19 IMCs with the express intent of making the sites inaccessible thereby curtailing speech and the free exchange of information.

The site also discloses the script used to disable IMC access, urging others to make wide use of it, and promises that other (presumably also anti-IMC) exploits are in the works. Let's put the ball in play by filing formal charges.

According to the posted admission, the sites affected in addition to NYC are:


The statement admitting the exploit and stating the details of the attacks is at  link to www.rightwingextremist.net
Save the page for evidence in case it's taken down.

Yeppers 23.Oct.2004 23:18

Migratory Bird

I agree, go after them with everything we've got! File suit immediately. They are in the process of stealing our election, taking away our civil liberties and are in gross violation of the constitution! We should do everything within our power to stop them!

We should do everything within our power to stop them! 24.Oct.2004 02:00


Except talking with our neighbours.
Most of us are too chicken-shit.

Really you think people don't talk to each other in America? 24.Oct.2004 02:31

Migratory Bird

That's funny. Some of my neighbors I don't talk to. But I am apart of a community. And we talk a lot. I see people talking all the time. I talk to strangers more than I do friends. So, probably do you. It is a cynical cliche to say we do not speak to each other. The fact is that there are people who are racist merciless fucks who really would not care if they had to skin beagles alive for a living and to think that describing it, or talking about, or boycotting them is going to change their mind is down right erroneous. The idea that you can always yammer away to make changes is false.

I don not believe that skinning the beagle in front of their face to show that skinning a beagle is wrong works. But their are many levels of direct action.

But if you are advocating talking to them by all means flood their websites with angry demands. That will amuse them until it overwhelms them.

He posted a threat against Boston IMC on Boston IMC's newswire last evening. 24.Oct.2004 05:45


Sick guy. The government will not stop him. Someone should pay him a visit and have a personal discussion with him.

I hate thinking up titles 24.Oct.2004 09:41


His tricks seem kind of amateurish so far. I've read the NJ and HM IMCs without trouble even though nobody's gotten around to removing the gimmicked articles yet.

What they've done is to find ways to insert scripts into some of the fields on the publish page. They started by sticking a script that generated an alert box with a message into the author field; that was discovered and measures taken to prevent it. The latest trick involves inserting this:

iframe src=" http://aimwarfare.net/upload/rwe22.swf"></iframe (angle brackets removed for obvious reasons)

into the title field.

Here's the trick: turn off scripting and plug-ins in your browser. Then their little game doesn't work.

In fact, it should be a rule of thumb to do your browsing with scripting turned off and to turn it on only when absolutely necessary to view a site that you can have confidence in- which should NOT include any site which allows users to post HTML content.

It must be some kind of Texan dementia. 24.Oct.2004 16:12

Not a Texan.

Protest Warriors - Texan website.
Right Wing Extemist - Texan website.
KOBE - Texan website.
WHITEHOUSE.GOV - Texan website.

Nuke Texas!

He put an AUDIO script onto DC Indy this afternoon 24.Oct.2004 17:48



Just one more reason to use mozilla 24.Oct.2004 20:28

Migratory Bird

None of it works if you use mozilla.


You never have to worry about pop ups, blocks most cookies automatically and you don't have to worry a lot of spy ware that comes with those pop ups. Apparently it blocks the racist psycho rightwing as well.

It's free! It's free! It's free!

Liberals did it to save us from republicans and capitalist exploits! Yeah!

Down load fire fox and mozilla.

Ha, ha, ha, you stupid republicans you can't even do a decent hack job!

Protestwarrior script kiddies at it again? 25.Oct.2004 15:36


Here's their members mailing list:


Have fun!