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Recording of Mike Ruppert at the Vets Hall in Santa Cruz

On October 20, Mike Ruppert spoke in Santa Cruz for the first time. His presentation at the Vets Hall was on The Truth & Lies of 9/11 and The Consequences of Peak Oil - the fact that the world is running out of hydrocarbon energy and what this might mean for human civilization. (Duration = 1 hour, 36 minutes)

Audio: [ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

This event was part two of the three part RELEVANT TO NOW lecture series.

see also: Oct. 6 Helen Caldicott and Oct. 27 Kevin Danaher

Mike Ruppert
Mike Ruppert
From The Wilderness

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VERY good! 23.Oct.2004 21:49

Tony Blair's dog

Highly recommended.

Thank you for the post!

I wonder 25.Oct.2004 16:01


how many folks drove their cars to the event, and how many walked or rode bikes?

so what ? 27.Oct.2004 23:35

Mike Tattoo

"how many folks drove their cars to the event, and how many walked or rode bikes? "

So what ?

That's probably the most dangerous, self righteous, and ignorant attitude to take. That somehow by walking or riding my bike I'm better than someone that drives a car, or what's even more offensive that by walking or riding my bike that I'm not part of the problem.

You eat food ? You're part of the problem.

You drink water ? You're part of the problem.

Modern day civilization that I'm very much a part of and very much dependant on has got an out of control BILLION barrels of oil every 12 days crack habit. And that addiction is getting worse.

Me riding my bike is nice and hippy and all, but it doesn't for a split second change the fact that modern day civilization that I am dependant on (where do you think all that food from the local supermarkets come from ? It wasn't teleported there) is about to implode.

Rome is burning.

And fools still think that just riding a bike or walking will fix everything.

Nice knowing you Planet Earth. It's been Real.

Mike Tattoo

well put 28.Oct.2004 20:00


Well Said Mr Tattoo