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Benifit for Trans Identity Resource Center 10/30

Halloween Drag Extravaganza Benifit for OutsideIn's Trans/Identity Resource Center
Saturday October 30th
Doors Open 830pm
Liberty Hall 311 N Ivy
Soooooooo Divine
Halloween Drag Extravaganza Benifit for OutsideIn's Trans/Identity Resource Center
DKPDX, Uber-Gay CAbaret & Sissyboy
*religious costumes encouraged*
Saturday October 30th
Liberty Hall 311 N Ivy
doors open 830pm/ all ages/ $5-$10 sliding scale, no one turned away
TIRC is a safe space to access resources for all sexualities, genders, and ethnic identities
1030 SW 13th/ tuesday, wednesday and thursday 11am - 5pm/ 503-535-3895

Good for some, but what about others? 23.Oct.2004 20:49

Been There - But Haven't Done That

Sounds like a good time for some, but why does practically every trans event I see advertised sound so extreme and provocative? Why do they seem to assume that all trannys are gay?

There are folks out there who are doing serious therapy, counseling, and consideration about their sexuality and gender and some of them are not exhibitionists or brave enough to attend an event that is "uberGay", "Sissyboy" or encourages attendees to wear religious costumes. Not all transexuals are gay or flamboyant. They'd like to talk to others in a similar situation but cringe at the thought of being equated with drag queens and kings.

Just wondering.

good point, been there 24.Oct.2004 14:23

very thoughtful

I'm curious myself.

Do something. 25.Oct.2004 17:52


Yep. However, you are not going to do anything about it huh? nope. Instead you are going to sit at your computer and complain about someone's benefit that dosn't revolve around you. Get off your butt aand don't assume that you have to be a diva to be down at this event. I hear some folks are in to lazy squares. You might get lucky.

Ahem... 24.Feb.2005 19:30

Mystery Man

I just stumbled upon this site. Wow! With such an insensitive response, is it any wonder why you've been ignored!? Unfortunately, it is this kind of attitude that has made it very difficult for trans people to be observed compassionately. A person doesn't have to have an in-your-face attitude to be seen. Check yourself before you tarnish what the many other hard-working trans people have been building long before your ego came along!