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Fascists Redirecting NYC IndyMedia Again

I just visited NYC IndyMedia. I was not only redirected, but I was redirected to four websites (they all popped up simultaneously).
The websites that NYC IndyMedia has been redirected to are listed below:


There are two things about this that are important.

(1) The fascists are not doing this to convince us to vote for Bush, for they know we will not vote for Bush. They are doing it to show us that they can act with impunity while we cannot (that is, that the state supports their criminal activity).

(2) I do not believe they hacked NYC IMC. I believe they have access to routers. This means that criminal activity is happening within our ISPs or on the Internet's backbone itself.

They Are Afraid 23.Oct.2004 18:45

GreenPartyMike Minnesota

Well it is true. This and the attempt to shut down the UK indy media server is simply evidence that they are now getting afraid of us and the coming movement. Keep strong and true friends and allies. This is where the real fun starts. Of course we shall find a way aroung this.

Funny thing is, once we start getting stronger, they shall be looking back to the days of the craven Democrats with nostalgia. Dumb fucks.

Start spreading the word to other indy media sites.

I stand corrected. Another explanation. 23.Oct.2004 18:53


I visited NYC IMC through a proxy which filters some content. It filtered out a post that was causing the redirection. Attached you see a clip from the screen shot showing where the offensive post was made.
Clip of Screen Shot
Clip of Screen Shot

For Pete's sake 24.Oct.2004 10:02

Skeptic Friend

Somehow, the message doesn't seem to be spreading. So here we go:




This really should be a rule for anyone who surfs anywhere less whitebread than Disney.com. Besides the fact that the rightwingextremist.net "hacker" wannabees are playing their tricks by finding ways to insert active content into fields like title and author, most drive-by adware/spyware installs depend on the use of active scripting. I've seen it done by a third-party banner ad on a perfectly innocuous Webcomic site- and it wasn't the first time that host had been hit that way.

I've read that there are also Internet Exploder exploits that use a scripting trick to break IE's pathetic "zone" security scheme.

So once again for good measure:


The risk/benefit ratio is too unfavorable.