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Indy Site Redirected to georgebush.com!

The attack against the free internet continues: Republican campaign tactics plummet to new low
During the time I'm published DOGSPOT, I've had quite a few nasty things happen, but nyc.indymedia.org has suffer a few insults that they've most likely never discovered.

How can this be?

Local nazis, some of them government employees, access the local routers and place redirects on sites that they consider offensive - that is sites that have a policital viewpoint anywhere left of Adolph Hitler. What does this mean in common languages? It means that if you type in the name of your favorite site, you are at the mercy of whoever has access to the "glass house" i.e. "administrative" computer that is connected to the one you're using. This is more of a problem if you're trying to post information - then they play the age old trick of reading your keystokes to obtain your password so they can deface your website.


You were sold a bill of goods 4 years ago - DON'T FALL FOR IT AGAIN!

David Roknich


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