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Why I voted fro Bush

Voting the straight republican ticket to encourage the ruin of this capitalistic utopia called Amerikkka comes out of an old punk ideal to accelerate the apocalypse so we can rebuild again.
Yes, I did it, I voted the straight republican ticket for the Nov. 2 election. I voted absentee because I am working a poll. I decided to go back to my old punk ideals of destroying it all so we can start again. Basically, you vote the worst ticket you can and hope for the best (er, the worst). Who actually believes Kerry will win? I vted democratic all my life until Clinton showed that there is NO difference between the parties except animal mascots. They are all scum. Voted for Nader more than once and Jesse Jackson years ago (showing my age). With the insanity in the world today, does it really even matter? Kerry is scum, too. The Green party is an unfunny joke. What are the alternatives? Dancing in the street wearing a bear costume surrounded by smelly hippy kids who know nothing about life or work or love or death? Forget it. I am experienced and know the only true action is revolutionary revolt. Do what you can to bring it down. If we even have to. You see, there's plenty of evidence we are entering another ice age. Check facts, kiddos. The Gulf Stream is slowing way down. Storms are intensifying. Our children and their children will inherit a world that won't like humans very much. Evolution betrays us sometimes, though we got the biggest brains. Let's work to help nature wipe us off the face off the globe and the few left can remake Eden.
thanks for the optimism stormy! 25.Oct.2004 00:29


I'm relieved to know that since you are older and wiser and are claivoyant,(due, presumbly, to the large brain), you are choosing to ridicule those who are making a difference. Beware of bitterness; it is toxic for the soul and it turns people and other animals off.

Try getting into a bear costume sometime, Stormy--the Procession of the Species in Olympia might be a good place to start.

Facts 25.Oct.2004 11:07

a middle aged evolutionary who loves punk music

an ice age will come either way. do you really want to give g.w. that much clout? you really think that an idiot as such can bring an ice age on sooner? and do you think it will make it so that we can rebuild something within your lifetime? what really do you think the actual difference will be? and, have you spoken to scientists about this ice age theory that you have? it would give your story a little substance if you gave some supported facts from different sources. i've heard people say what you said time and time again, and i am the type of person who would love to jump onto your bandwagon if i thought that it made an oodle of sense.