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government selection 2004

Wheelchair Amputee Blocks Entry to Republican Affair, Cops Called

Ten protesters stood outside Republican Rossi event, one attempted to get inside, knocked the wheelchair aside, and police showed up.
Ten protesters and 3 children gathered outside a Republican Rossi event this morning at The Academy in Vancouver. Republican Rossi for Governor was billed for 11 a.m. Protesters were called by the Democrat Party to show Chris Gregoire for Governor signs. All did, except mine which read, "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, THINK GREEN PARTY. NO BUll SHit 2004." Although I left the Dems during the 1st 100 days of Clinton's 2nd administration, I got the message probably because I supported D. Kucinich.

A protester read off a list of Rossi's poor record. We visited. One said she voted Green, except for President. I invited her to the Clark County Green Party meetings. After 11:15 a woman came out of the building, and as she did so, she pulled out a Gregoire sign.

I asked her what was happening in there. She said Rossi was speaking at the moment. (The slime slipped in the back/side entrance.) I wanted to see, so I went up to the door. A wheelchair amputee blocked the entrance. I asked him to move twice. Each time there was no response. Then I asked him why he wouldn't move, and he said because I was not a part of "them." I asked him twice if he was a veteran because I cannot understand why a veteran would be Republican. When he again did not answer, I said. "No speech is also freedom of speech. Peace," and walked back to the Dem protesters.

I told them the entry was blocked and the woman who had just come out said she could get in. I followed her, 10' away. When the wheelchair guy wouldn't move for her, she moved him and and the chair. In the process there was a thud and banging noise. She stood in the hallway, but Repubs came up and hollered her out, saying, "Assault."

I walked back to the dems again, and when my back was turned I heard them say a Repub had hit the woman. Then they called the police on a cell phone, and all the protesters left, except me. 2 cop cars came, and I heard them ask us to stay, but nobody paid attention. I walked up to the driveway, waiting to see if the police would leave. I saw "Mr. Democrat" drive out, alongside the retired 49th Demo Legislator. She waved to me. Then the police left, so I did too, but not without chanting to the remaining Repubs, "Bomb Iraq, bomb N. Korea, bomb Iran."

more 23.Oct.2004 15:57


Correction, I left the Dems after Clinton's FIRST 100 days.

Why the H would "Mr. Democrat" and retired Dem legistor attend a Repub event? To build a bridge over similar troubled waters?

lets get real here 23.Oct.2004 17:33

duckdaotsu duckdaotsu@earthlink.net

"Persons with disabilities"

jeez. if they were punks, would you label it "tattooed and pierced block...."

Get a bit more aware of who you are writing about. These are not amputees. They are people. Their lives have been changed by disabilities, but guess what? We are all a car accident, doctor's appointment, or (for some of us, much shorter time) 10 - 30 years away from being disabled. Deal with it.

We call folks who think they are "normal" TABS. Temporarily Able Bodied.

Not pissed, but sitting in a wheelchair at the computer cuz it's more comfy this way...

lisbeth west
duckdaotsu media


sorry 23.Oct.2004 18:05


I'm sorry. In my zeal to write the protesters' side, I was insensitive to those with disabilities. Also, I'm told there was a Democratic Women's mtg. at the El Presidente, which is side/side to The Academy. peace.

education is all around us, eh? 23.Oct.2004 19:16


no harm! what a great opportunity to remind all that we are living in a world where, of course, the only constant be


In Tao and in life for all,
lisbeth west
daoist hermit
side of mountain in coloradah

( '? ducks

can ya change the title, though? 23.Oct.2004 19:20

that damned duck

Pls consider just changing the title. I sent it to my blog and list serve as "Persons with disalitlites block..."

( '? ( '? ducks in a row ( '? ( '?

how to edit? 23.Oct.2004 19:30


Would someone tell me how to edit their articles? I'll gladly change the title.

people in wheelchairs are certainly NOT wholly disabled ... 23.Oct.2004 21:16

anon TABbie

. . . in fact for some rare applications they are more empowered than TABs. Not only could the wheel chair occupant block the door but also when the wheel chair person was dislodged from his station blocking the entrance (probably a violation of sity code in itself), wheel chair person evedidenly "arranged" the process of dislocation to appear to be an assault. ie the persecutor staged an event in which persecutor could fake being the victim.

No right to touch wheelchair. 24.Oct.2004 07:20


I use a wheelchair from a spinal injury and no one has any right to touch someones wheelchair. This is the same as just reaching out and pushing someone out of the way. These chairs are more than just a piece of equipment, they are an extention of the users body, and should be treated as such.

makes me wonder 24.Oct.2004 07:25


makes me wonder why this op made it to the center. it isn't interesting, or well-written, then there's the "amputee" crap. what kind of judgement, indy? a side bar posting wouldve been enough for a diary piece like this.

interesting or informative? 24.Oct.2004 14:44


As its author, I found the protest to be one of the best I've been to lately. I share experiences that turn me on. I learned to remember to use sensitive language. I learned that a wheelchair is an extension of one's body, and that there are fire codes which require entrances not to be blocked. I think we raised a voice against the Republicans, and even against the Dems. People need to know the "violence" that took place. It was not an ordinary situation.

<sigh> 24.Oct.2004 14:46


I'm a nice-looking athletic young guy with a friendly smile. People like me right off. Then I open my mouth to talk and many people back off. I stutter. I sometimes can't say my name. As soon as I open my mouth to talk I become "that guy who stutters". Of course I'm sick of it. I try to be upbeat and can laugh at myself like when I sign my name like I did above but I get down. I don't stutter much when I'm with people who know me beyond my "dysfluency." When I saw the title of the article that started this thread I cringed because the disability named could have been mine. "Entrance Blocked By Bad Stutterer" or something. I am much more than a guy who stutters. The guy in the wheelchair is much more than the condition of his body. Only perfect people have the chance to name other people by their weaknesses and there are no perfect people if you get my drift. Anyway "I'm B-B-Bobby!"

To <sigh> 24.Oct.2004 21:38

no pretender

Mechanical guys don't lisp.

what the he.... 24.Oct.2004 22:21


while i agree some terms may be offending, this was not the time or the place to talk about it. this latest debate over terminolagy is rediculous. if you are in a wheel chair you can best be described as such, if you are black you can best be described as such, white, short, obiese, super tall, whatever. the writer doesn't know the guy in a wheelchair prefers strawberry ice cream, or likes to watch friends, or has a cat named whiskers. maybe that would be better, a guy whose cat is named whiskers blocked a....... " come on! the point is that passing on information in the most easily understandable way is the best way for people to understand. i dig on your words of understanding, especially with concern to disabilities, but this does more to alienate people to your cause than to bring people to it, understanding has to come from BOTH sides. you are what you are, can't always just change the descriptive terms. sorry to all the people who were offended by my previous descriptions , i mean i hope i didn't offend any carbon based, 'naturally' bipedal, oxygen dependent, multi-cell based life forms with my previous descriptions.