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The Bush Bulge, the Grossly Incompetent Media and the Complicit Kerry Campaign

The question is....what are we going to do about it?
Who does Kerry serve?
Who does Kerry serve?
The Bush Bulge, the Grossly Incompetent Media and the Complicit Kerry Campaign

This is what I don't understand. Doesn't cheating in a debate warrant an investigation? Shouldn't we be concerned that president might not be able to speak for himself? We have all seen the obvious bulge in Bush's jacket at the debates by now and have heard the silly excuses from the white house and Bush campaign. To see Bush's actions in the first debate only confirm what everyone was already thinking. The man is listening to someone and repeating afterward. No one in.... my life anyway...pauses at....weird times in.....the middle of a sentence. Can you imagine how irritated you would get at a dinner party if someone spoke like that?

Something seems to be missing though. Shouldn't there be a follow up? Isn't that the job of the media? Everyone has heard that Theresa Kerry said Laura Bush hasn't had a real job, and John Kerry said Dick Cheney's daughter is gay, but that seems more like gossip than news. How is it possible they can just laugh off a rectangular box in the presidents jacket and blatantly deny the obvious? Our president is wearing an earpiece and cannot speak for himself. The emperor has no clothes. This man is the leader of the free world and look at what he has done since he has been in office. Look at what he has done! The world is frightened of US. I am frightened of US. We have taken the moral low ground and are about to plunge of the cliff. The Bush admininistration could never have acomplished any of this without the complicity and incompetence of the media. By now everyone knows that our media has been lying, and now we are learning to what extent they will go to cover for Bush.

But what about the Kerry campaign? It seems if the situation were reversed, Karl Rove would be running ads with Kerry's silly pauses and blank stares. Rove would have run an ad with Kerry saying 'I...I uh ...let me finish' and pointed out the fact that no one was interrupting him. In other words, If Kerry were a bumbling idiot who couldn't speak coherently even with a wire for help, would Rove let that go or would that be the deciding event of the election?

It is absurd that neither the incompetent media nor the complicit Kerry campaign is bothering to ask questions about the obvious. Shouldn't the president cheating in the debate be of concern? We know that the media has been lying to support the Bush administration's evil doings but now the Kerry campaign? How can they let this go with the polls being neck and neck? By now we have all felt that there is so much more Kerry could be saying to take down the Bush administration. It almost seems like John Kerry is protecting his ole fraternity brother. Why isn't he as concerned about removing this administration from power as the rest of us?

It's time for Americans to demand some answers.
Boingo 23.Oct.2004 15:31


Yarrgggggh! I agree 100%. Media is only for Bush! Even the Oregonian has recommended him and the NY Times!
Kerry, bring in reinforcements

another explanation 23.Oct.2004 15:59


I think there's another explanation for the bulge that is perhaps even more frightening (and maybe obvious as well). It's more likely that it delivers dosages of medication. There have been many stories about past brain seizures, which could explain a lot. I don't think they'd need anything so cumbersome for simple one-way communication.

Or maybe it's a remote control to make Shrubnocchio move and jiggle on command.

Endorsements 23.Oct.2004 17:19

library mouse

Both the NY Times and The Oregonian have endorsed John Kerry and John Edwards for president and vice president for the term beginning in 2004.



The Oregonian endorsement by editorial board consensus was over the displeasure of the publisher, Fred Stickle--and, of course, the rants of staff neocon and arch Neanderthal, David Reinhard.

newspaper endorsements. 23.Oct.2004 18:32


Kerry has 60 so far and Bush has 53, but the circulation of the Kerry endorsers is larger by a factor of 1.5.


check it out 23.Oct.2004 20:09


flyer 24.Oct.2004 15:35


someone made this flyer you all can post around town