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wolfpacks for truth 23.Oct.2004 15:02


wolfpacks for truth A rebuttal to the BC "wolves" ad.

The Wolves Have My Vote 23.Oct.2004 23:11

bitter root

Excellent response to the H. $apien$-centric myopia of the fundamentalist, neocon ilk, in particular.

The bu$h junta's institutional alienation from the planet as an incubater of biodiversity--a lifeboat carrying each life of recycled matter interdependently--is reflected in the Rapture and heaven/hell life-after-death fanatics, bug-eyed promoters of colonization of the Solar system, et. al., that infest the Cabinet, White House and Presidential Commissions, at every turn.

During the runt's brief blurt on "environmentalism" toward the end of the second debate with Kerry--where he breathlessly boasts of his adminstration's green achievements--he brays that one of his big environmental scores is the great strides being made in reclaiming brownfields for yet more new development. How this is being done with a penniless Superfund wasn't explained. He says nothing about habitat protection and restoration.

It's the ecosystem of corporate profits, in a zoo of "good" animals and "bad" ones.