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AUDIO FILE: War, Empire and Superpatriotism

A presentation by Michael Parenti at PSU on Wednesday, October 6, 2004. I have broken the 70 minute or so talk into three unequal portions. Parenti begins, "there is an enormous disparity between what Empires actually do and the way they are represented in history by their leaders and their apologists and their chroniclers."

Parenti then enumerate an incomplete list of the victories of the United States Empire, since World War 2. "...over the last 50 years the U.S. national security state has been a key force in overthrowing reformist, democratic governments in Guatemala; Guiana; the Dominican Republic; Brazil; Chile; Uruguay; Syria; Indonesia, under Sukarno; Greece twice; Argentina, twice; Haiti, twice, Haiti three times if you count a couple months ago; Bolivia; and other countries. And replaced them in each instance with pro capitalist military regimes, that open their resources, their markets and cheap labor to US corporate investors, on terms completely favorable to the investors..."

"U.S. leaders have actively pursued covert actions or proxies mercenary wars against popular revolutionary governments in Cuba; Angola, Mozambique; Ethiopia, Portugal, SOUTH Yemen; Nicaragua; Cambodia; East Timor; Western Sahara; Iraq, and elsewhere." Parenti then examines Iraq.

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