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Why we must pass Measure 34

Measure 34 is critical for the survival of our coastal fisheries and for the continued supply of clean water to 300,000 Oregon Families. Every year, every stream that runs through the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forest is ranked by the Department of Environmental Quality as too warm for the succesful spawning and rearing of wild salmon. Five of Seven of our coastal fisheries have already been reduced to levels that disallow consumption. The number one reason cited by the DEQ for these troubles: the removal of trees and other shade-producing woody vegetation from stream banks.

The current department of forestry plan for these forests leaves only 25-ft no-cut buffer zones along these streams and rivers--less than Washington State and California require on private land--yet the Tillaomok is a public,state forest that is supposed to be managed according to "the greatest permanenent value" of all Oregonians.

These weak protections don't just affect fish, either. Over 300,000 Oregonians, including most of Washington County, recieve their drinking water from the Tillamook State Forest.

Basically, the point of the Measure is to have areas in the forest that are not managed for the purpose of commercial timber production--but instead for other values that Oregonians care deeply about--clean water, salmon habitat, and abundant recreational opportunities.

Yes on 34 Action Page

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