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southern oregon woman's report on her experience of american democracy

the website Jihad Unspun posted an article by Deb Smith of southern oregon about her attempts first to attend the Bush visit last week, then the police riot that occured before his appearance.

This is a repost from the website Jihad Unspun ( http://www.jihadunspun.com) that was posted today/tomorrow 10/23 depending on what time zone you are in.

Its a by now an all too familar account of democracy republican style as she attempts to see if she can see our fuhrer at the jacksonville, oregon sanitized bush supporters only rally and she mentions the police riot that occurred before his appearance.

I thought it curious that her story was picked up by Jihad Unspun whose main emphasis is to report on the muslim insurgencies.

They are also one website that has repeated insurgent battle reports which cite many more american deaths than the one or two a day casualties that are reported by mainstream press.

Previous opinions expressed on this web site have been that some people didnt trust the sources of information that this web site uses. At present since, western journalists don't feel that they can travel safely in Iraq, whose to say that the multiple death attacks arent occuring.

Also on this site is a report of the iraqi resistance from the insurgent point of view.

The author responds 24.Oct.2004 02:31

Debi Smith debi@mind.net

This article was originally published by www.commondreams.org, and has since been making its way around the internet, for which I'm grateful. The response has been incredible. I didn't even know that jihadunspun had picked it up until I received an email from a reader at portland indymedia. Just wanted to make public note of that, if you know what I mean.
Thanks for reading and forwarding the article.