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Let's Boil it Down "Mr. Republican"

Are you "really" a republican?
1) Do you have more than 5 million dollars in savings?
2) Are you an executive of a corporation that is polluting the air,
or a river, or the earth?
3) Do you own a company that is being unpatriotic in any way .....
moving your production off-shore, or moving your headquarters
to an off-shore post office box, or outsourcing your work to
third world countries?
4) Do you own a company that does business with corporations such
as just mentioned.....say a law firm, or newspaper or TV station that
sells ads for them?
5) Are you going to be able to pull strings in the State Government to
keep your sons and daughters and grandchildren from fighting in
Iraq, or possibly other such "democracy giving" wars?

Then, the chances are large that you are not a Republican and may
someday regret voting as one. I would guess that not more than 10%
of people are in any of the catagories mentioned above, but yet the
polls show an even match in this election

One of our most popular Presidents - Eisenhower - warned
us - "Beware of the Military Industrial Complex". Well,
according to The Center for Public Integrity
(www.publicintegrity.com ) nine members of the Bush
Administration are making millions of dollars from the
invasion of Iraq. I will not mention their names here, I
only wish to remind you that the Military Industrial Complex
now occupies the White House.

Please, ask yourself if you are "really" a Republican!
This is "really" stupid 23.Oct.2004 08:40

Charlie Murphy

What you describe is a Plutocrat not a Republican.

Superficial Partisans 23.Oct.2004 09:08

Den Mark, Vancouver

My general experience with republicans & democrats alike is that they hold to their respective partisan labels because of cognitive dissonance. My impression of all other partisan self-labels is that the wearers, even when i do not agree with them, have better reasoning for those identities. Third party people & independents have worked thru their identities with greater care. Maybe that's to be expected with people taking alternative routes. I've helped with a table at Vancouver's Farmers' Market for several years now, every week, a table with varying progressive themes. republican & democrat "true believers" sometimes approach for discussion, & it's frustrating to hear the mythologies emitted from them. It's amazing how ill-prepared they are for even gentle subtle challenge. Most of their discourse is rationalization. Most of their discourse is derivative, from proverbial "party lines", & not based on empirical fact or original thinking. Most republicans & democrats are unable to self-criticize. Obviously, there are exceptions to this, & it's refreshing when exceptions happen, but exceptions are just that, ... exceptions. Most republicans & democrats are like bush, & "do not make mistakes".

Well, i should get ready for "tabling" today. Promoting Justice & Peace is worth the effort, despite that this nation is careening oppositely. We often meet up with good people who think for themselves & are happy to exchange ideas which have not issued from the two venal "major" corporate parties or their lackeys, mainstream media.

Onward. This part of the nightmare will soon be over. No matter what November 3 reveals, there is much work to be done.

What is really Republican these days. 23.Oct.2004 11:04


I agree, this is really stupid, but I can't resist...

There's basically two kinds of Republicans--those that cling to certain "wedge issues" as they are voiced in Republican rhetoric (abortion, "no taxes", family values), because they are too stupid to do their homework and realize that most of these moral crusaders are actually womanizers, dead-beat dads, alcoholics, and tax evaders. They also don't realize that the "no tax" mantra is just a way of shifting taxation burden onto the poor. These people are sheep, or more precisely, lambs to the slaughter. Anybody who is still considers themselves a Republican in the classical sense of Eisenhauer probably has more in common with Democrats today.

Then there are those Republicans who are in the know about what is actually being done and why. Those of us on the outside can only speculate, but when people like Henry Kissinger are quoted as saying at the CFR that "the issues facing us today are too important to leave up to the people," you know it's probably not something that is going to get written into a campaign speech or White House press conference.

My theory? These guys believe that this century the lines of supply and demand for such items like food, water, energy, etc., are going to cross and result in dangerous global competition and a major change in the way we all live. Well, most of us anyway. It must not change how the ruling elite live as kings, therefore, by accumulating excessive amounts of wealth, they will basically be immune from stratospheric energy costs and interest rates. The middle class will no longer be able to fly to Europe on vacations, but they will. The middle class will be relegated to mass transit, but they will still have their Aston Martins and Mercedes E600s. In case the populace tries any of this revolt shit, like has happened in previous centuries, they are in the process of gradually restricting civil liberties (here's where the abortion cause has its true value) and preparing control of any domestic unrest (that explains Ashcrofts desire to establish prison camps for US citizens he decides are shaking things up too much). The bifurcation of the economy will be complete--probably 65-70% of America will be a quasi-welfare state, while the rest continue to live with capitalist excess and the top 1% will literally never have to worry about this grandiose motor era ever ending.

Welcome to Bush's "New World Order."