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Turn out a record number of voters on Election Day and have fun at the same time: Trick-or-Vote with us. PORTLAND. HALLOWEEN 2004.
Hi Friends,

In 2000 over 56 million people didn't vote and only 537 votes decided our presidential election. Scary, ain't it? Help us to Fight the Fright this election season by joining Trick-or-Vote, the largest Get Out the Vote canvass in Oregon's history. Our goal is to knock on 40,000 doors in Portland this Halloween, Sunday, October 31, to remind people to vote. It's the Best Way (canvassing has been shown to increase voter turnout by up to 12%) on the Best Day (not only 2 days before Election Day, but also people already expect strangers knocking on their doors). Join us and you join a coalition of costumed volunteers from Portland's most active voter education, registration, and outreach organizations to GOTV throughout Portland - and be rewarded with the hottest Halloween party in the city. The Crystal Ballroom. SHAKE IT.

Don't let two days after Halloween be the scariest day of the year! Help turn out a record number of voters on Election Day and having fun at the same time: Trick-or-Vote with us.

Sign Up: Check out our website at www.trickorvote.org.

Find 5 people to volunteer along with you.
Forward this email to everyone you know. We need your help to make this the largest canvass Portland has ever seen!

Be a Trick-or-Trainer
If you like leading groups, have canvassed before, or just want to be involved in making the big day work, we need your help! Come to a short training session, where we'll brief you on the logistics of the ToV day and how to train first-time canvassers either Monday, October 25th, 7:30 @ PSU SMU 338 or at 9:15 at the Jasmine Tree restaurant nearby; or Thursday, October 28th, 5:30 @ the Ecotrust Building. Trainers get into the party for free!

Don't let two days after Halloween be the scariest day of the year! Help turn out a record number of voters on Election Day and have fun at the same time: Trick-or-Vote with us.
You may be too old to trick-or-treat, but you're never too old to trick-or-vote.
You may be too young to vote, but you're never too young to trick-or-vote.

homepage: homepage: http://www.trickorvote.org
phone: phone: (503) 233-4777 x2

Some of us want FUNDAMENTAL change in this system, recognizing that 23.Oct.2004 09:09

censor me now!

...recognizing that the same old bullshit will continue no matter which rich guy gets in office. The *System* itself is repugnant. It's basic ideas are a SHAM. It wages perpetual war on ALL, masked in words and "value systems" which are severely alienated at worst, and treacherously stupidized at best.

Parades of domestic "enemies" continue to be trotted out no matter which faction of the business party plays figurehead!

The Amish are now under the focus of the perpetual war media (whom are directly subordinate to the State and its owners). Will the media give contexts and empathy to this group of rural religious folks who keep to themselves (whom aren't "perfect" certainly) in the SAME WAY that the media give contexts and empathy for THEIR OWN????? Fat chance!

Then there's the psychiatry division. And the social workers. Perpetually mobilized to attack with their ideological dogma on any front, domestic or foreign, that they're allowed to "help".

Really, EVERY facet of formal "society" is completely ideologically subordinated to the Chain of Command structure, and almost totally resemble a formal military structure, complete with what Noam Chomsky calls *internalized values*!

No! Many people have either intuitively woken up to the sham of "democracy" or had reality SLAP THEM IN THE FACE too many times! They SIMPLY WON'T PLAY this BULLSHIT!

You with your conditioning, your "programming", if you buy that, have *internalized the values* of VOTING.

Oh, so now the Nice Liberals are getting a little *hot under the collars*! Ohhhh, poor things! If only we "stupid masses" would keep up the facade of "democracy" so that you can go back to your comfortable lives or whatever you would call them.

I am no "conservative" nor "Republican" (really, your imagination is so CONFINED! DOMESTICATED!). I am simply a member of one of the groups you are currently going along with demonizing and setting up for Holocaust #501st (at least that number).

Fuck the "vote" because it feels good!

Let the TERRORISTS who RUN THIS COUNTRY run more rampantly over YOUR unprepared lives and RADICALIZE you "Nice" people like we others have been forced into! Let the flow of their TERRORIST mindset OPENLY SHOW, instead of these little lies, these little games, this facade you play on all, knowing not what you do!

(to be fair, I have no more truth than you in the broader picture; I have only my experience and my studies and my intuition and my "knowing" that *because of my conditioned naivete, in earlier life, i "foolishly" dared to speak my HEART in a society that rigidly FEARS dared truths*, however imperfect)

To authentic sanity
that is going to have to
FACE UP to reality

You know what? 24.Oct.2004 10:08


Some of us still believe in the system. Why don't you crack a farking book and read up on the history of our government, huh? It's a unique experiment, a fusion of republic and democracy, and it CAN work if we do our bit. It's a participatory democracy. That means we have to PARTICIPATE for it to work. We have to clean up our own messes. If you don't like it, move!

I will be at Trick or Vote. Who else will grow some balls and join me?