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The Daily Poetry Movement

I periodically do searches for poems called fuck bush. I really hate bush. I apologize to the military for the first poem. I understand that the military is raping their own (male and female) and they are not doing anything to stop the internal rapes within the military system. The poem is offensive but I hate bush so much!
The never ending
hate bush poem 
fuck bush
fuck bush we say
fuck bush in every way
fuck bush before his time
fuck bush down the line
fuck bush and fuck him hard
fuck bush out the yard
fuck bush and fuck him plenty
fuck bush and not so gently
fuck bush and his rotten crew
fuck bush before they do
fuck bush and take it slow
fuck him high and fuck him low
fuck bush and ream him out
fuck bush and make him shout
fuck bush and cream the crop
fuck bush and never stop
fuck bush and ram it home
fuck bush and him alone
fuck bush and his filthy boy Dick,
their relationship to big busniess,
is like a hoe to a trick.
fuck bush and burn his home
fuck his ass down to the bone
And make him holler
and roll in slime where he likes to wallow
fuck smirkin' bush in his fascist ass,
fuck him hard and hammer him fast,
betcha he wont be smirkin'
when I get done,
he'll be whining like a bitch
with a bleedin' bum!
fuck bush
the entitlement prevails
over any character
that's real
soul's a void
if your're W
there's no heart
in seeing
without perspective
fuck bush push in his poo
fuck him barbara and jenna too

The site that says it hates george bush the most

fuck you bush

that piece of shit
"over 800 soldiers have been killed since the war in Iraq was declared....over"
what has he gotten us into
hes turned the whole country upside down
people are still dying today right now this minute this second
he doesnt care its not him, its not his friends its not his family
you fucked us over
we should rebel
headlines read "another US soldier killed today"
why are people still dying
the government is fucked, and always lying
they only tell you what you want to hear and what they think you NEED to hear
george w bush, youve turned us into a laughing stock
bush has no idea what hes doing
he doesnt deserve to hold such a responsibility
he should be tortured like many of the americans
he should be fucked with
he should be BEHEADED!
so you got SADDAM but wheres OSAMA
your sucking his dick, you little bitch
get out of office
you bring shame to the word president
your the worst fuckin president in history
president of the united states soon to be dead.
SaMAnThA, 2004-09-25

These poems do express several things I do not agree with. They express gender hatred and they also express sex as a weapon and object of power. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. I do however think I could be euphoric writing Fuck Bush over and over. But that is not productive.
I sometimes find myself standing in lines, store lines, bus lines, movie lines, event lines, muttering Fuck Bush. Walking peacefully in the park the words will slip out unbidden even though my mind had been on wild rabits, flying hawks, cute dogs, etc and not on Bush at all! I will look around guiltily. Where did that come from. Sometimes I will see SUV's run red lights and I will yell, "fuck Bush!"

It is not a brilliant thought. It is one you probably have thought to yourself silently.

They sit and plan our deaths and they grow rich. We wish them dead aloud and we can be sent to jail, as a matter of their security! They tell us it is for our security. But they know they are secure from us.

So as a final thought I leave you with this picture:

Ex CIA director recieves two pies 4 eggs for being the mass murder shithead who attacked the Vietnamese.

-We could have Colby, we still could, we don't and we didn't, but this was funnier wasn't it? Burn with shame goober head!-

Final Thoughts. 22.Oct.2004 23:50

Migratory Bird

By the way this is the final story of the man (Colby) who was killed over 20,000 suspected apponents "secretely" in Veitnam. ie. media black out-

Colby went on a midnight canoe ride. He never went on canoe rides at night.

You got an image of the god father in mind?

A gun is sloppy.

He had a heart attack.

There are drugs that induce heart attacks.

After suffering the heart attack he died of hypothermia drowning. His wife had not been told that he was going canoeing.