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BREAKING>>>>October Surprise>>>pre-election attack on Iran

we've all been wondering what the "October Surprise" was going to be??? This
reposting informs us what is planned. Plan accordingly is all I can say!
October 20, 2004

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'
White House insider report "October Surprise" imminent
By Wayne Madsen

According to White House and Washington Beltway insiders, the Bush administration, worried that it could lose the presidential election to Senator John F. Kerry, has initiated plans to launch a military strike on Iran's top Islamic leadership, its nuclear reactor at Bushehr on the Persian Gulf, and key nuclear targets throughout the country, including the main underground research site at Natanz in central Iran and another in Isfahan. Targets of the planned U.S. attack reportedly include mosques in Tehran, Qom, and Isfahan known by the U.S. to headquarter Iran's top mullahs.

The Iran attack plan was reportedly drawn up after internal polling indicated that if the Bush administration launched a so-called anti-terrorist attack on Iran some two weeks before the election, Bush would be assured of a landslide win against Kerry. Reports of a pre-emptive strike on Iran come amid concerns by a number of political observers that the Bush administration would concoct an "October Surprise" to influence the outcome of the presidential election.

According to White House sources, the USS John F. Kennedy was deployed to the Arabian Sea to coordinate the attack on Iran. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld discussed the Kennedy's role in the planned attack on Iran when he visited the ship in the Arabian Sea on October 9. Rumsfeld and defense ministers of U.S. coalition partners, including those of Albania, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Iraq, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Poland, Qatar, Romania, and Ukraine briefly discussed a very "top level" view of potential dual-track military operations in Iran and Iraq in a special "war room" set up on board the aircraft carrier. America's primary ally in Iraq, the United Kingdom, did not attend the planning session because it reportedly disagrees with a military strike on Iran. London also suspects the U.S. wants to move British troops from Basra in southern Iraq to the Baghdad area to help put down an expected surge in Sh'ia violence in Sadr City and other Sh'ia areas in central Iraq when the U.S. attacks Iran as well as clear the way for a U.S. military strike across the Iraqi-Iranian border aimed at securing the huge Iranian oil installations in Abadan. U.S. allies South Korea, Australia, Kuwait, Jordan, Italy, Netherlands, and Japan were also left out of the USS John F. Kennedy planning discussions because of their reported opposition to any strike on Iran.

In addition, Israel has been supplied by the United States with 500 "bunker buster" bombs. According to White House sources, the Israeli Air Force will attack Iran's nuclear facility at Bushehr with the U.S. bunker busters.The joint U.S.-Israeli pre-emptive military move against Iran reportedly was crafted by the same neo-conservative grouping in the Pentagon and Vice President Dick Cheney's office that engineered the invasion of Iraq.

Morale aboard the USS John F. Kennedy is at an all-time low, something that must be attributable to the knowledge that the ship will be involved in an extension of U.S. military actions in the Persian Gulf region. The Commanding Officer of an F-14 Tomcat squadron was relieved of command for a reported shore leave "indiscretion" in Dubai and two months ago the Kennedy's commanding officer was relieved for cause.

The White House leak about the planned attack on Iran was hastened by concerns that Russian technicians present at Bushehr could be killed in an attack, thus resulting in a wider nuclear confrontation between Washington and Moscow. International Atomic Energy Agency representatives are also present at the Bushehr facility. In addition, an immediate Iranian Shahab ballistic missile attack against Israel would also further destabilize the Middle East. The White House leaks about the pre-emptive strike may have been prompted by warnings from the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency that an attack on Iran will escalate out of control. Intelligence circles report that both intelligence agencies are in open revolt against the Bush White House.

White House sources also claimed they are "terrified" that Bush wants to start a dangerous war with Iran prior to the election and fear that such a move will trigger dire consequences for the entire world.

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and columnist. He served in the National Security Council (NSA) during the Reagan Administration and wrote the introduction to Forbidden Truth. He is the co-author, with john Stanton of "America's Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II." His forthcoming book is titled: "jaded Tasks: Big Oil, Black Ops, and Brass Plates." Madsen can be reached at  Wmadsen777@aol.com

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The Author is the Looney 22.Oct.2004 22:36


This article is obvious horseshit. Anyone paying attention will know that. It was pulled off the infoshop.org shit after enough of us complained about it's ludicrous nature. If you believe this crap there's also some great swamp land for sale in Louisiana. Don't believe the hype!

guess what???? 22.Oct.2004 22:36

I have a cousin in the US Navy

on the USS Kennedy aircraft carrier and he let it slip in "code" what was up a few months ago!
I'm afraid this is a DONE DEAL and we'll soon have our tv screens going crazy with "breaking news"!

THIS IS ALREADY POSTED 22.Oct.2004 22:37

15 stories down today's news wire

my grandson is aboard the 22.Oct.2004 22:51

USS John F. Kennedy

and he is not happy to be in the Persian Gulf, nor are his shipmates...he's let it slip in his letters!

Horseshit with bottleflies! 22.Oct.2004 23:26

manure expert

The fact that the author of this piece was a member of Reagan's decidedly disreputable National Security Council (abbreviated NSC, not "NSA"-which is the acronym of a semi-reputable spy agency), a collection of rogues and Israeli 'sayanim' which included Oliver North, Michael Ledeen, Richard Pipes & his son Daniel, Howard Teicher, Laurie Mylroie, Richard Perle, etc. does not lend any credence to this story. The additional fact that Reagan's NSC spent much of its time figuring out how to smuggle US weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran and thereby keep the Iran-Iraq war going as log as possible should provide a clue to the reliability of this story as well. And using the phrase "October Surprise" is really too much. Go to...


...and read the October Surprise archive there if you want a little insight into how US involvement in the first Persian Gulf War occurred. Now we are up to Persian Gulf War III and we still haven't fired a shot into Iranian territory, and Bush sure as hell won't do that now because he is depending on Iranian proxies in the Iraqi Shi'ite community to preserve order until we hand control of the country over to them in the sham elctions coming up early next year.It's all part of a little scheme that we and the Israelis inherited from Winston Churchill called, "Divide the Arab World".

I really don't (want to) think this is true 22.Oct.2004 23:33


It seems to me that we simply can't attack Iran. I mean, it seems like that would be at LEAST as big a deal as Iraq, and the military is seriously stretched as it is. This just doesn't seem possible to me. Could the poster please cite a source other than "Lebonwire"? I am open to the possibility that this is real, but I want some sources please. Something that I can check out.

Israel May Have Iran in Its Sights 23.Oct.2004 04:27


Not gonna happen 23.Oct.2004 08:45

Bison Boy

Nah, there's no way. While we have the military power to strike several targets in Iran, we don't have the military power to deal with their regional counterattack. If we were to do this, Iran would doubtless attack our forces in Iraq, and their miltary isn't exactly small. The Iraqi shi'ites would rise up to join them (while the Kurds would just declare independence) and we'd have nowhere to retreat to. Meanwhile, North Korea might take the opportunity to snap up the South.

Our entire garrision in Iraq (and maybe South Korea) would run the risk of being wiped out.

Even Bush and Rumsfeld aren't *this* stupid.

No way... 23.Oct.2004 11:15

empire slayer

our ground forces are stretched too thin, we are already at the breaking point with the afghan and irag wars. we still could bomb the hell out of multiple places all over the globe, but then our ground forces in iraq become sitting ducks as waves of fighters pour into iraq. and this doesn't even account for the resulting WAR AT HOME that this would spark.

don't misunderestimate these idiots 23.Oct.2004 12:13


They could do something this stupid. Look at their track record.They are terrorists, fear them.
This is another colossally bad idea that can be the work of "faulty intelligence." when it unravels. No matter. If it's what they want to hear and/or what they want to do,(NOW!)the yes-men are doing their jobs.

How About Flu Outbreak 23.Oct.2004 12:15


Flue outbreak that keeps people away from the polls. Republicans are selectively distributed flu shots, so Dems are too sick to vote.

Links for Naysayers 23.Oct.2004 13:26


'We're done:' Iran reactor ready despite 2-year delay claim

A Preemptive Attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities: Possible Consequences

Iran prepares for US, Israeli strikes on nuclear facilities

Israel May Have Iran in Its Sights

Israel? yeah, maybe 23.Oct.2004 14:33

Bison Boy

Israel has the capability, the resolve, and the audacity to do this, and they are insulated from the consequences by distance and allies. (That'd be us.)

The problem is geography. To do this, Israel would have to fly through airspace that the US or its allies dominate. They'd either have to evade our airborne radar coverage (no mean feat) or ask permission.... which we would not grant, if rationality has anything to do with it.

Of course, if they did attack Iran's nuclear works, most of the middle east would assume we were complicit in such an attack. (Even if not involved, no one would believe we weren't aware of it.)

Our forces in Iraq would run a strong risk of receiving a counterattack such as I described above, although possibly a little less severe than if we did attacked the sites ourselves.

It would be a hell of a ruthless thing for Israel to put its chief ally in such a vulnerable position. Of course, since it looks like Israel made a sincere effort to sink the USS Pueblo a few wars back, maybe they *are* that ruthless. (I wouldn't put much beyond Sharon.)

The question in my mind is, if we spot Israeli aircraft over Iraq en route to Iran, would we shoot 'em down? I dunno.