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Vote Early?

can anyone tell me about the VOTE EARLY signs around portland?
and who is responsible for putting them up? they seem to be in intersections and thus ODOT jurisdiction, otherwise they would be taken down right? is it some kind of state sponsered money saving ad campagin? in any case it is suspicious.

i know oregon is one of a very few, in any others, that have NO polling places. ALL voting is done by mail.

could it be that we are a pilot program of some sort?
Indeed. 22.Oct.2004 22:20


What difference could it make? Is someone tinkering with the ballots?

2 ballots 22.Oct.2004 23:41


Ballots were distributed last week. The earlier you send them in the smoother the election processors go.

I got TWO ballots! I called the media and they said lots of people have due to moving! Hmmm.

But most importantly vote FOR measure 35 and NO on Measure 37!

Measure 35 limits malpractice awards. I dont know about you but I'm sick of my health insurance rising by 15% A YEAR! At that rate only Bill Gates will be able to have health care in a few years.

Measure 37 will destroy the Urban Growth Boundary law in Oregon which will allow developers to go hog wild with DRAINING WETLANDS AND CUTTING FORESTS FOR SUBURBAN SUBDIVISIONS. VOTE NO!!!!

Vote Early? 23.Oct.2004 00:16

Early Bird

I thought these signs were just a joke, with the punchline being -- "And Vote Often!"

answered my own question 23.Oct.2004 00:56


went and looked on the sign. it is sponsered by america coming together. they have been "getting out the vote" and it seems their push started today or last night. the sign says they do not endorse either or any cadidate, i cant remember, though it would seem to make a big difference. in any case, take a look at the webpage:


if that is non partisan im barney frank.

Consume procreate vote 23.Oct.2004 10:19


In the film "They Live" there are signs everywhere encouraging the populace to "Buy" "Consume" "Procreate" "Sleep". Well now we can add one more "Vote Early". The America Coming Together group is pro Kerry and is also behind a calling campaign. I myself have gotten at least 5 calls from them. From what I understand, they are massively funded by Soros and perhaps others. It seems it is ok by the Secretary of State to open ballots before Nov. 2nd and start checking signatures etc. and inputting the ballots into the ES&S vote scan machine. Of interest is who owns these machines and who makes the software--is it Diebold?

What's the rush? 23.Oct.2004 10:21


Although I an registered Independent,I got a e-mail from John Kerry yesterday that said "It is absolutely critical you vote the moment you receive your ballot." It ended with "Please make sure you vote the first day you receive your ballot in the mail" I don't understand this push but I don't like the feel of it. I always wait until the last day to vote and turn in my ballot.

simple 23.Oct.2004 13:41

why the rush?

Because if theres voter fraud and you vote 9 days early or whatever, then you can check on your ballot and make sure it was counted. If you vote on the last day you wont be able to.

Get your head out of the sand and think.

seriously? 23.Oct.2004 16:38


you mean i can call someone and check if my vote has been counted if i vote 9 days early? and not Nov 2nd?
would they tell me if it hadnt?
you gotta be outta your mind.
i guess next they'll be checking every signature to see if it matches the registration.
if you have the 800 # i can call to "check on your ballot and make sure it was counted" that would be swell.

They are checking signatures 23.Oct.2004 17:49

North Portlander

"i guess next they'll be checking every signature to see if it matches the registration."

Yup, I understand that's what they're doing . . . among many other things. I don't know how they have enough people power or time to do it plus dealing with whatever challenge the "watchers" throw up. Maybe magical Santa Claus is involved (he's know's if you've been bad or good). If he can delivery toys all over the world in one night, an election should be a snap.

I wonder if signatures are checked in every state, esp. those where touch-screen voting is going on.

rationale for voting early 23.Oct.2004 21:15

who knows?

I seem to recall that the Democrats were hoping we would vote early so they could determine if they had Oregon wrapped up so that they could spend less on last-minute advertising. That seems messed up. Why would they get to know the results any sooner than we would? And wouldn't, then, the Republicans support early voting, too? Oh well.

Please vote NO on Measure 35!!!!! 24.Oct.2004 20:07


Deux, have you gone mad? You believe all the Republican propaganda about how medical malpractice suits are driving up the cost of health insurance????

Here's more information:

"What also appears questionable is the claim by Ballot Measure 35 supporters that our court system is out of control. A July 19, 2004 paper prepared by the Oregon AFL-CIO found that while national data showed a "ten-fold increase in average claims per physician in the 34 years between 1996 and 1990," the trend in claims nationally and in Oregon appears flat over the last several years. The likelihood of a claim resulting in a jury award remains slim (see sidebar). The size of claims is increasing according to the Physician Insurers Association of America. Nearly 8 percent of awards exceed $1 million, a doubling over five years. Oregon has seen jury awards increase by 65 percent over three years, but there is no research suggesting a cap would reverse these trends. When put in perspective, however, this figure is far from alarming. Total U.S. healthcare spending in 2002 was $1,600 billion. With the annual cost of medical malpractice insurance running $3.2-6.3 billion, the direct cost of that insurance is less than one-half of one percent of total national spending on health care. In finding market forces creating the healthcare crisis Ballot Measure 35 is intended to address, the impact of lawsuits on overall healthcare spending seems minimal."

Now, please note that I am agreeing here with the AFL-CIO, the SEIU and other Democrat organizations which I detest for selling out to corporate interests, and for having stripped me of my right to place the candidate of my choice on the ballot this election. On this issue, though, they have not sold out. I beseech you to reconsider your intention to vote Yes on Measure 35. I think if you consider all of the facts, you will conclude that it is important to vote No on Measure 35 and seek a real solution to the rising costs of healthcare and medical practice, such as a universal single-payer health care plan that doesn't shy away from kicking the greedy insurance industry and the murderous pharmaceutical industry out of their control over health professionals and the people they wish to serve.

Early Vote/Checking signatures 27.Oct.2004 11:04

Tom M.

Yes the reason for voting is early is encouraged, at least in part, to make the process go more smoothly.

I have been working as a non-partisan volunteer in observing the process of gathering, sorting and securing ballots until election day (the ARE not opened until election day so nobody knows what is written on the ballots themselves ahead of time) but the verification of signatures is a sight to behold.

First off the people who sort the ballots (as to district etc) make certain that the signature matches the name on the envelope.

They are then sent to a room where several people do NOTHING but look at the signature on every envelope and compare it to the one on the voter's registration card which is in the computer database.

Now things are a little different from one county and one state to another but this is how it is done here in good ol' PDX. If you could see how things are done first hand (as I've been lucky enough to do) you'd see how darn difficult it would be for anyone to cheat on how the ballots are being processed and eventually counted.

If you have time volunteer next election to help out; You'll be glad you did.

Observers 27.Oct.2004 13:06

Tom M.

Oops...I forgot to mention something in response to the comment about the "watchers";

In case you are referring to the observers from the various parties as well as non-partisan volunteers (I wasn't sure if that's what the poster had in mind) not only are the observers at this point not allowed to speak to the workers but we aren't even permitted to move about the areas where they are working (in the main room where the ballots are being sorted). We basically sit in the corner.

In the room where the sigs are being checked one observer at a time is allowed to walk around but there is a line which we are not permitted to cross over which keeps us out of the way of those who are working at verifying those signatures.

Again, we aren't even allowed to speak to those workers.

My understanding (although I haven't seen it first hand yet as this won't take place until election day) is that when the ballots are finally opened and put through the scanning machines any ballot which is questionable (i.e. unreadable by the machine) will be kicked out by the scanners and then examined at tables where there will be four people (at each table) who cannot all be of the same party;
There must be at least one Democrat, one Republican and then hopefully two people from the other political parties or non-partisan volunteers who will all have to agree on the intent of the voter by seeing the ballot up close and personal.

I don't know how things are done elsewhere but if other areas of the country were to work with the combination of technology and good old hands-on efforts that are being used here in Portland it seems to me that many of the problems we've seen in other states may not have taken place.

But hey...I don't claim to be an expert! I would again encourage anyone and everyone to take an opportunity to see all of his first hand if they ever have the time.