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Election Year Hallowe'en Worries?

Anyone else worried about the tricks this Halloween?
I can't think of worse timing for Hallowe'en . . . the holiday traditionally associated with treats . . . and tricks. A mere three days before the presidential election. Anyone know if the police intend to be out in numbers any more heavily than usual?

With dirty tricks already rife in the campaign season - from fist fights, to the torching of yard signs, to the breaking of windows, what sort of madness can we expect to see around the country on Hallowe'en?

Or am I just being overly pessimistic?

Are you leaving your political signs up for Hallowe'en Day and Night or will you be taking them down and erecting them again the morning after?

It seems that a good number of "Patriotic" American citizens have become the new terrorists.
Taking Signs Down 22.Oct.2004 20:04


In the last three years we haven't had any trick or treaters. The terror mantra and the media's emphasis on blowing up every isolated incidence of food tampering and child napping has scared people into keeping their kids at home or instead taking them to some kind of community activity instead.

If the stores are selling a lot of candy, it's only to people who buy it at this time of year to take home and inhale themselves because they have the excuse of saying they are buying it "for trick or treaters." We sure as hell aren't planning on having any door-knockers to give it to.

Even Trick or Treating for Unicef seems to be a thing of the past and I recall that the kids who did that usually had their parents with them so there's really no excuse for not continuing to do it.

And yes, we are taking our political banners down for Halloween and putting them up again afterwards. We rent the place we stay in and can't afford to have it egged or paint bombed by shitheads.

Festive Tricks 22.Oct.2004 20:06

Middle of the Road

One of my buddys is wiring his political signs for Halloween. He says if somebody touches the first one, it'll set an alarm off and if they put their hands on the second, they'll get one hell of a shock.

He says it's all in keeping with the "trick or treat" theme and looks forward to seeing an intruder scream or light up like a Christmas tree.

movie time 22.Oct.2004 20:44


Know any good movies? I'm out'a here then. We'll have an extra hour to enjoy them as we move clocks back an hour to Standard time.

Flu Warnings Overblown 24.Oct.2004 12:30

Suspicious Mind

Getting so suspicious lately . . . family expressed concern that I was going to do phone bank calling near election day FOR FEAR I WOULD CATCH THE DANGEROUS FLU in a closed room full of people.

Is all this flu shot hype partially aimed at keeping people home from polls and door-to-door and phone bank work?