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Rewilding at Liberty Hall

A discussion on the "Theory and Practice of an Aspiring Hunter-Gather Community" will take place at Liberty hall on Sunday, Oct. 24 at 7pm. This will be a free event.
On Sunday, Oct. 24 at 7pm, "Rewilding: A Discussion on Theory and Practice of an Aspiring Hunter-Gatherer Community" will take place at Liberty Hall. This free event will consider topics such as:

- Where in U.S. this might be possible based on population trends, intact eco-regions and enviromental degradation.
- Creating a community focused on emotionally honest communication and healing from human domestication.
- Making a realistic transistion from civilization, including primitive skills techniques.

For more information, see www.rewild.org, email  feralhuman@ziplip.com, or call Sky, Griffin or Tim at 800-471-5403.

(Liberty Hall is located at 311 N. Ivy -- 1 block south of Fremont, 2 blocks west of Vancouver Ave)

homepage: homepage: http://www.rewild.org
phone: phone: 800-471-5403

More tips on finding Liberty Hall 22.Oct.2004 23:07

Sharp as a knive

Liberty Hall is located just two blocks east of the Interstate Highway system called I-5.

It is approximately one block west of the Wonderbread/Twinkie factory and resale store.

It is one block north of the regional Red Cross blood center and three blocks north of the regional Level I trauma center, Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

The #4,#40 and #33 buses run one block away from Liberty Hall.

This is in case anyone gets hungry, gets hurt or isn't walking there.