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The Election is fucked! As reported by the NY Times

Greg Palast on Oct 20 was casting a vote on the machines in Florida in front of BBC cameras. The vote did not process. This machines are everywhere. The only way we can prove this election is fucked is to vote for Dumbass number two to defeat dumbass number one! Start the protests now!!!! Four years later we will vote at gun point....
Voting and Counting - by Paul Krugman
from the New York Times
Friday, October 22, 2004
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October 22, 2004
If the election were held today and the votes were counted fairly, Senator John Kerry would probably win. But the votes won't be counted fairly, and the disenfranchisement of minority voters may determine the outcome.

... Last week I described Greg Palast's work on the 2000 election, reported recently in Harper's, which conclusively shows that Florida was thrown to Mr. Bush by a combination of factors that disenfranchised black voters. These included a defective felon list, which wrongly struck thousands of people from the voter rolls, and defective voting machines, which disproportionately failed to record votes in poor, black districts.

One might have expected Florida's government to fix these problems during the intervening four years. But most of those wrongly denied voting rights in 2000 still haven't had those rights restored - and the replacement of punch-card machines has created new problems.

After the 2000 debacle, a task force appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush recommended that the state adopt a robust voting technology that would greatly reduce the number of spoiled ballots and provide a paper trail for recounts: paper ballots read by optical scanners that alert voters to problems. This system is in use in some affluent, mainly white Florida counties.

But Governor Bush ignored this recommendation, just as he ignored state officials who urged him to "pull the plug" on a new felon list - which was quickly discredited once a judge forced the state to make it public - just days before he ordered the list put into effect. Instead, much of the state will vote using touch-screen machines that are unreliable and subject to hacking, and leave no paper trail. Mr. Palast estimates that this will disenfranchise 27,000 voters - disproportionately poor and black.

A lot can change in 11 days, and Mr. Bush may yet win convincingly. But we must not repeat the mistake of 2000 by refusing to acknowledge the possibility that a narrow Bush win, especially if it depends on Florida, rests on the systematic disenfranchisement of minority voters. And the media must not treat such a suspect win as a validation of skewed reporting that has consistently overstated Mr. Bush's popular support.

Excerpted from the New York Times. See Palast's entire report in this month's Harper's Magazine. Greg Palast, author of the New York Times bestseller, the Best Democracy Money Can Buy, is investigating the vote in Florida for BBC Television Newsnight and Harper's. Palast's documentary of his BBC investigations, "Bush Family Fortunes," has just been released in DVD. For more information on the film or the voting investigation, go to www.GregPalast.com

Media inquiries to Harper's Magazine, New York, New York.
Clarification. 22.Oct.2004 14:04

Migratory Bird

Actually he said that he didn't think that ballot witness or lawyers or any of that would help Kerry. Nor did he implicitly advocate the ABB line. It just suddenly clicked for me why the ABB line is being advocated.

Becuase there is no other way to directly prove and sue the Bush Family for rigging the election.

Unless there is a huge vote in favor of Kerry in all states especially swing states this approach will not work.

The fact is that most people won't do jack shit other than flee the country if this election is rigged. That means that habitat will go, a police state will be put full gear into power, and patriotism will mean voting under the watchful eye of soldiers to make sure that the election is not stolen- like we did in Central America.

I still don't know how I will vote-

less sure than ever 22.Oct.2004 15:11


I used to be a big proponent of voting, but now I'm wondering if that isn't just playing into the hands of the people who really run this country, our corporate masters.

I think it's interesting that Utah Phillips is voting this year, because he lives in California, a state very clearly going to Kerry. I think he may be voting Nader just because Nader was undemocratically kept off the ballot. I just can't imagine his sense of urgency to vote for Kerry in California this year as opposed to all those other years of not supporting the obvious democratic winner in CA, but I sure can imagine him being mighty pissed off about the lack of freeodm of choice which occurred when Ralph Nader's name was removed.

Of course I don't know for sure who Utah Phillips is voting for, but that's my guess and my reasoning for making it.

But then again... 22.Oct.2004 17:51


california DID vote the republican "gropenator" into the govorner's seat.

vote! 22.Oct.2004 20:13


vote Bush out......then we can RECALL KERRY!

Let's demand a new election between Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul.....true American Patriots that have upheld done their sworn duty to protect and preserve our constitution. Both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich voted against the war in Iran. They both believe in treating the palestinians as if they are human beings...wow.

Ron Paul vs Dennis Kucinich......America wins!

wow 22.Oct.2004 21:11


lana, that is the best idea i've heard in years.
it is good to finally hear a voice i can FULLY agree with.
but i dont know who to vote for!
probably kucinich...but only if paul could be vice!

ps. i just read the mercury's endorsements:
i endorse picking yourself up a copy,
and promptly placing it in recycling.
those people make me not only want to puke,
i believe they make themselves puke.

so they say no on 36. thats tough. a bigger bunch a morons would be hard to find. but what can you expect?

well 05.Nov.2004 12:17


This article turned out to be one hell of a crystal ball into the future, didn't it??