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Mike D Holds His Own, in Spite of Everything

Mike D has been found guilty of disorderly conduct, but the failure to appear charges have been dismissed because, as the judge stated, "I've had enough of your circus." By "circus," she meant that he was attempting to exercise his rights as an American citizen in the courtroom, rather than kissing judicial ass in awe. The state had deigned to reduce the failure to appear charges to a violation with a $200 fine, but none of us believed he would go for that. In the end, he wanted to maintain his right to a jury trial, which is what brought on the judge's outburst. It all worked out, though, because as I said, the failure to appear charge was dismissed.

As for the DisCon charge, it remains to be seen what will happen. He has been found guilty, but has not yet been sentenced. The state requested that he receive 18 months of probation and 40 hours of community service. Mike D asked what the equivalent time would be, as, "I have no interest in probation." Judge Miller announced at that point that if she gives him probation, he will do probation. She then asked whether he was ready to be sentenced and would waive his right to 48 hours before sentencing. He refused to wave the right. This brought about another outburst from the judge, who pointed out that he would be in jail until Monday then, expecting him to buckle at that word. Clearly, she does not know Mike D.
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