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Update on the first day of Mike D's Court Case Today

Court opened late because of some behind the scenes wrangling over recently-discovered video evidence found by the defense, Mike D brought a bunch of motions before the court himself, since he hasn't had access to a writing instrument in jail, there was some "concern" on the part of the bailiff's about the "danger" that Mike D. posed to the court room. They agreed to unshackle his right hand so he could formulate his motions on paper before bringing them before the court. Many of the motions went nowhere, some were deferred until after the evidence is evaluated, and others are just establishing points for a potential appeal down the road.

One witness, Deputy William Behan, was questioned by the prosecutor for approximately an hour and a half (included in the questioning was the showing of a video of the Solo protest taken by forest service officers, which ran 30 minutes).

Approximately 20 folk showed up to support Mike, and the presence of these people packed the courtroom. Judge Miller stated this was the first time there weren't any extra seats for a case in her court. More people waited outside, unable to get any seating.

No verdict was reached, Mike's case begins again tomorrow at 9 am. Please come and show your support at the Clackamas County Courthouse in Oregon City. If you can't make it directly to the court, carpool with people from the Cascadia Rising Infoshop at 1540 SE Clinton. We'll be meeting at 8am.
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