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9.11 investigation

WP: "Bush Regime engineered 9-11"-Banner at DC March

Most prominent banners on display




Million Worker March on Sunday:
"...One of the most prominent banners on display was one declaring, "The Bush regime engineered 9-11..."

Unionists Mobilize for Work, Benefits

Washington Post -Monday, October 18, 2004; Page B01

Union members from across the country gathered at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial yesterday for a rally dubbed the Million Worker March, assembling in smaller-than-expected numbers but making a passionate plea for workers' rights.

Linking their struggle with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. by standing on the same spot where the slain civil rights leader made his famous "I Have a Dream" speech in August 1963, workers from a variety of trades and causes said King's vision of social and economic equality remains more dream than reality.

...Though organizers had planned their protest as nonpartisan, speakers and rallygoers were not bashful in showing their disapproval of President Bush.

From a podium on a wide granite landing on the memorial steps, former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark called for the impeachment of Bush for war crimes. Activists in the audience carried anti-Bush stickers and signs, and one of the most prominent banners on display was one declaring, "The Bush regime engineered 9-11."

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A most important message 21.Oct.2004 05:22


If only that banner message "The Bush Regime Engineered 9-11" could become as ubiquitous as the plastic American flags made in China. Then and only then would people find that the proper attention was directed to the real terrorists endagering our world.

Most impressive. 21.Oct.2004 09:25

Tony Blair's dog

Way to go!