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9.11 investigation

Mohammed Atta was a wealthy, chain smoking drug dealer

Atta was a wealthy, chain smoking, drug dealing psychopath who dressed like a mobster. And that's not even the good stuff.
10 More Things You Probably Never Knew About Mohammed Atta . . .

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emmanuel goldstein is still at large 20.Oct.2004 20:23

but we're going to catch him any day now

Yeah, whatever. If such a person as "Muhammad Atta" ever existed in the first place. The Bush admin. presented Atta & Co. as the official explanation for 9-11-01 about eight-and-a-half minutes after it happened and promised corroborating evidence to follow shortly. Which it never came up with. At this point I see no reason to believe any of it. These are the same people who brought us the Iran-Contra scam and Operation Northwoods. They have already admitted there was a scheduled "terrorist attack simulation" that just happened to be taking place at the exact same time as the actual terrorist attack. What a fucking coincidence.