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Int'l. Caravan for Justice

Ptld. hosted the caravan of a bi-national effort for justice in the murder and disappearance of over 380 women in Juarez
The International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua City was greeted in solidarity in a rally and march today at the PSU south park blocks. About 30 people heard the mother, Ramona Morales, of a victim speak for her daughter's case to be investigated, as well as more than 380 young and poor women murdered in Juarez since 1994. They will conclude their journey with a bi-national march from El Paso, TX that will join with marchers in Juarez.

Complete with banners, the group marched silently to the Mexican Consulate downtown. Many of the victims worked in sweatshops that produced export items, mostly for the U.S. Working with poverty level wages, there is lax environmental regulations and low tariffs under NAFTA. While their employers amass wealth, the crime wave exists without much worker protections. Instead of corporate responsibility, the Juarez government began the "Be Alert" campaign, which tells women to defend themselves with whistles.

How we can help: View "Senorita Extraviada," an award-winning documentary; Urge your congressional representative to sign onto House Resolution 466, which demands a series of immediate actions.

Stop the femicide.