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Anarchists around the country are voting for Kerry and against war

While there are many anarchists who maintain the traditional line of refusing to vote arguing that voting both legitimizes and strengthens the state - there is a growing number of anarchists who are voting and engaging in electoral politics on local, state and national levels. Right now there are anarchists around the country working in swing states and preparing to get out the vote in an effort to defeat the neocon agenda and send a message to the world that the people of the US do not support the policies of the Bush Administration. This is a sample of recent essays from long-time anarchists Utah Phillips and Starhawk as well as two recent essays that I wrote. Starhawk and I are both strongly encouraging anarchists and left/radicals around the country to either decide to vote and vote Kerry or change their vote from Nader and vote Kerry. In swing states, the race is so close that 200-500 anarchists and radicals voting or changing their votes from Nader to Kerry could change history.
Anarchists around the country are voting for Kerry and against war

**Voting for the First Time**
A Conversation With Utah Phillips
From the Nation
by Carolyn Crane

Utah Phillips is a folk singer who tours the United States, delighting audiences with his outlandish stories and challenging them with the ruthless honesty of his insights. A veteran of the US Army who served in Korea, he rode the trains for years after coming home in despair from what he'd witnessed overseas. He met Ammon Hennacy in Utah at the Joe Hill House for Transients and Migrants and discovered anarchy and pacifism.


**Be the Wind: On the Upcoming Elections**
by Starhawk

The stakes are really high right now. And the future is very unclear. It seems likely the outcome of the elections will be a cliff hanger until the very end. Bush could win. Kerry could win. Bush could try to manipulate, steal, or subvert the outcome. His forces could manufacture a last-minute surprise—unearth Bin Laden, say, or stage a terrorist attack. They could even try to postpone or cancel elections altogether. After all, this particular gang of thugs has for decades plotted, planned, schemed, manipulated and murdered to consolidate their power—why should they let it go for anything as simple as a fair election?


**For a Democratic Vision to Fight Empire**
by Chris Crass
from Left Turn Magazine #14

How do we use the Presidential election to not only advance our politics and build our organizations and movements, but also deliver a measurable blow to US imperialist power? This is the question I hear over and over again.


**Beyond Voting: anarchist organizing, electoral politics and developing strategy for liberation**
by Chris Crass
From Clamor magazine

Presidential elections are often the terrain on which radicals and anarchists debate the merits of electoral politics. This election season is no different. Social movements around the world and in the United States are declaring Bush's defeat at the ballot box a top priority. As radicals, we have consistently opposed the policies of the Bush administration and have mobilized our opposition repeatedly to the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. We know that the Democratic Party shares the majority of the Republican Party's platform. Both candidates represent ruling class worldviews and institutions of domination. What do we do?


Many of us are also working to build for Nov. 3rd actions as well
Hehehe... 20.Oct.2004 17:40

Tony Blair's dog

"Anarchists around the country are voting for Kerry and against war"

Priceless! ;-D

"In swing states, the race is so close that 200-500 anarchists and radicals voting or changing their votes from Nader to Kerry could change history."

Yes, the race between Nader and Kerry is close and it seems like
people favours Nader over Kerry.

How you will get Anarchists to vote for Kerry with his record of
supporting Patriot Act, the war on Afghanistan and the war on Iraq
etc. etc is beyond me though.

evidence? 20.Oct.2004 17:40

enter the classroom

There have always been self-proclaimed anarchists who have chosen to use reform as one method of change. But where is your (non-anecdotal) evidence that they are in any greater number in this election or are supporting the democrats any more than any other election.

why are you worried/concerned about the 'anarchist vote' 20.Oct.2004 18:13


it's the vast number of clowns who mindlessly vote Bush/Cheney you have to worry about,

plus the terrified minions of our 'two-party' system voting Kerry/Edwards so as to off the opposition.

and don't forget the 1 out of 2 Americans who never vote at all . . .

concerning 'discrepancies' in the vote tally totals for either Corporate Skull & Bones candidate - those will be dealt with via electronics, voter registration trashing, intimidation, and other time-honored CIA-cold-war-banana-republic methods. Just look at Volusia County, Florida Nov. 2000, for example.

it's all been handily taken care of, folks.

who what where 20.Oct.2004 19:36

when why

> Yes, the race between Nader and Kerry is close and it seems like
> people favours Nader over Kerry.

"People"? Like, VOTERS? Wrong. (That's the whole point.)

Maybe "posters to indymedia." Maybe not. Voting's already started in Oregon. Kerry voters are no longer talking about it. They're turning their ballots in, going home and throwing up. Nader voters are bragging about how cool they are. Until November. Then they'll keep going if Kerry wins and they'll conspicuously stop if Bush gets in again ...

If Bush Wins 20.Oct.2004 20:30

another anti-authoritarian

If Bush wins I'll laugh at the Democrats and tell them the threw their votes away.

The moron will win again 20.Oct.2004 22:08

Guess why?

A rigging and/or a nuking?????

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 20.Oct.2004 22:25


Anarchists voting for Kerry! *snicker*

holymotherfuckingchrist man. This made my night. I almost fell out of my chair.

Go find an anarchist... a real one... and ask him or her who they are voting for. I bet that 99 out of 100 will look at you like you are cheese on roadkill.

anarchists voting for kerry... sigh.

yup. anarchists vote. 20.Oct.2004 23:54


uh, I'm an anarchist and I've been voting since I was 18.

I'm not unusual.

wtf?? 21.Oct.2004 10:56


I never thought I'd see the day when Chris Crass and Utah Phillips said that they were going to vote and encouraging other people to vote. I mean, shit, these people have enough experience and skills to devote there energy to worthwhile causes, like preparing for the repression when Bush is re-selected and the inevitable disillusionment if either canidate wins. They should know that voting doesn't fucking matter and won't change a thing. No matter how we cast our ballots in private (I know anarchists who are voting for bush), what we need is a mass movement on the streets, in schools, on the jobs, to counter this system of oppression. I believe in delegation(under a strict mandate and immediately recallable), not representation, and thats only when it is neccessary.

Digging a bomb shelter in my back yard,

Vote jus cuz... 21.Oct.2004 14:36

Voted jus cuz...

"Real anarchist don't vote bla bla bla". "It may not make a diffrence". "It might". "It might just be the lesser of two evils". I can't see how it hurts anything to vote. Until a revolution happens a good portion of people need to get by... and rumor has it that Kerry might hook us up a tad better than W.

your ego disgusts me 21.Oct.2004 14:54

not quick

look people, stop being so self righteous that you are blind to the fact that the outcome of electoral politics has a real effect on peoples lives. of course its not right is an authoritarian system. what are you dense? voting anarchists are keenly aware this is a one party, good cop bad cop system. no shit, political power comes when people are dependent upon a system for their survival. the demoreps have political poweer because everyone is dependent on the corporate production system for their food (including dumpsters, food stamps and everything you (or community) dont grow!). The choice we are being offered is corpratism. now one option may not seem like a very good choice, especially THAT option, but until you choose to be in a corporate system, you can never choose to be free of it cause youre blind to the situation you are in regardless of choice. until we choose the reality we are all slaves here, we can never choose to escape and be more free.

all this about how voting shores up the system is infantile, vote to affect the environment in which real change is done. youre never gonna vote the system out of existence people, isnt that obvious? but ask some non white non male minorities/victims of your favorite -ism and they will tell you radical progressive left non-voters are assholes with no concept of solidarity and oblivious to the reality they live in, a reality in which the outcome of elections has very very real power over the lives of minorities. that the rest of us are white enough to avoid the victimization for distraction aspect of authoritarian public policy . . . .

do you all mean to say global legal 100% access to safe abortion is easier if we start from 0% access illegal than if we begin from 20% access legal? seriously, stop looking cool and start to use the power you have, its not like voting gets in the way of the other not-5 minutes every four years. if someone gave yyou $10000 would you refuse to fund creating some avenue to cultural transformation because it was money. or do you look at you life like you are bashing away at a concrete wall forever and when someone hands you a sledge hammer you use it til it breaks and then keep on bashing away? your vote is a one time use sledge.

as for peoples "i cant believe so and so (who i respected for being right on) sold out here, what a skag!" maybe they are right and youve committed to an idea of reality, not reality. indeed people choose to do things which reconcile the majority of their experiences together, ie, chris crass' stance on voting in no way conflicts with any of the other stuff he said in the past, stuff you thought was solid, and indeed his position is a conclusion of all that stuff.

as for mass movement in the streets, you dreamin until the people have a source of survival beyond the thing they are organizing to disassemble. farm the cities and put control of food production in their hands and they wont be beholden to survival by corporations = free to march w/o life threatening consequences __if_they_are_successful__.

voting for bush is moronic whoever you are, and any anarchists that do so are drama queens and self imagined martyrs searching for a grander task than we already face. motivation: PURELY FOR GLORY, PURELY FOR EGO. so fuck off, youre so counterproductive its wonder you can actually maintain your black carhart fasion-acticvist image. seriously, get off it, youd be way cooler if you actually spent all that image energy creating something viable. until then youre just looking cool, buying into a new social group.

positively though. . . 21.Oct.2004 15:00


a better image than sledge is:

your vote is a whip to keep the tigers at bay while you work. if you refuse to use the whip, then your having to deal with the tiger gnawing your leg off and have way less energy to break down the wall that traps you with the tiger and keeps it hungry cause youre its only food. please stop complaining and get in touch with the real world of good cop bad cop, and there is no viable
alternative right now, choose good cop and build the alternative.

voted just cuz's comment is way clearer than mine, captures the same thing. word.

hope peace

Trouble Is... 21.Oct.2004 15:27

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

"...choose good cop and build the alternative..."

The good cops don't want us capable of building that alternative either, which is why I don't vote for them anymore.

As for you who claim that only losers post to threads like this blah blah blah... well, you're people who crash a site to deliberately harass and belittle people whom you consider losers. What exactly does that reveal about *you*, other than your own pathetic need to feel superior to someone ?


notquick hasn't dealt with the police 21.Oct.2004 15:43

citi zen

When playing good cop/bad cop tt's the good cop you need to be wary of, not the bad cop.

"No viable alternative"

Yeah, keep repeating that while those of us keep building the very real and very tangible alternatives to this system.

BTW, hope is what you feel when you've given up agency over your life and its choices. Don't hope for peace, create peace. Hoping has never made anything happen, but creation always does.

"blind ... outcome ... electoral politics ... real effect on peoples lives" 21.Oct.2004 16:22



"notquick" hasn't seen the first 10 minutes of the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11",

in which Senate Democrats stone-facedly and blindly refused to sign on a filibuster against the SCOTUS Bush-*appointment* [NOT 'elected'] decision of Dec. 2000, ignoring repeated appeals by the Congressional Black Caucus to do so.

Democrats are blind to the fact that the outcome of electoral politics has a real effect on people's lives.

Democrats, not Greens, gave the presidency to Bush in 2000.

8 million Registered Democrats nationwide voted for Bush/Cheney in 2000.
13% of Florida's Democrats - 230,000 of them - voted for Bush.
8% of Florida's Republicans voted for Gore.
Of those who voted for Clinton in 1996, 16% voted for Bush in 2000.
Of those who voted for Clinton in 1996, only 1% voted for Nader in 2000.
Of those who voted for Dole in 1996, only 4% voted for Gore in 2000.
Of those who voted for Dole in 1996, only 1% voted for Nader in 2000.
Of those who voted for Perot in 1996, 10% voted for Nader in 2000.


The black caucaus ARE Democrats 21.Oct.2004 18:35


Yo makes a good point. I'm incredibly frustrated with people like Peter DeFazio who claim to be progressive but stood down during the electoral chaos and constitutional crisis of 2000. But Yo, and all of you who dis "the Democrats", are forgetting something. The black caucaus members shown in Moore's film are, every single one of them, Democrats, as is Dennis Kucinich, as was Paul Wellstone before he was killed. When you dis "Democrats" as a whole, you are talking about them as well.

The party's over 21.Oct.2004 19:02


The Black Caucus, DeFazio, Kucinich et al, are under the thumb of the current party system. The party is their security blanket, funding source and stable of organized volunteers. I think it's high time for the party as it exists now to end. It does not support democracy or even a semblance thereof. It fosters robotic thinking and behavior and forces otherwise good and decent people to act in ways that I think they would otherwise adhor. Unity and massive fund raising are the partys themes, and it is working to get candidates elected. Until we find a way to publically finance elections and candidates and fix our fraudulent voting system, this will remain the modus opererendi. It looks like from the many postings here, that there are many of us who think independently, and that is extremely refreshing to see.

Against war??? 21.Oct.2004 21:02


I've done several internet searches trying to get specifics on what Kerry says he plans to do about Iraq, and how soon he would bring the troops home. I've found some articles that say he'll bring the troops home "in his first term", some that say August 2005, some say in 6 months. I couldn't even find anything specific on Kerry's own website! So what's Kerry actual stand on this? Does anyone know?

I didn't care for Kerry's comments in the debate about hunting people down and killing them, either. He sure sounded like Bush when he said that.

I DIDN'T "forget", "hello" - 21.Oct.2004 22:40


"The black caucaus [sic] members shown in Moore's film are, every single one of them, Democrats, as is Dennis Kucinich, as was Paul Wellstone before he was killed."

--those are all Democrat politicians I have respect for. Cynthia McKinney, too.

The point is that Democratic Senators [upper house of Congress] - and only ONE (1) of them was needed to sign onto the filibuster, making it effective - showed NO solidarity with their lower House of Representatives Caucus brothers and sisters, in time of great need.

(even Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd and others have, in retrospect, now regretted their indecision and inaction on this request)

THAT is what we all mean when we 'dis' the Democrats, in general.

Their lack of spine.

Their lack of solidarity with the will of the People.

Their approval of Iraq war resolution [in face of 10 to 1 written/phoned opposition from constituents], USA Patriot Act, Homeland Security . . .

they've had plenty of chances to OPPOSE and stand up to Bush - and haven't done so.

especially when WE THE PEOPLE asked them to.

kerry on war 22.Oct.2004 11:49

i heard...

...that kerry plans on sending in 40k troops. he is as blood thirsty as bush.

Kerry? Against the war? You've got to be kidding.... 22.Oct.2004 15:54


"Anarchists around the country are voting for Kerry and against war" ???

How the hell is someone voting AGAINST the war when they vote Kerry?

Voting for Kerry is voting FOR the war. Kerry has made this clear in his own words and marketing. Anyone who is voting for Kerry under the INSANE DELUSION that he's opposed to the war, and especially those who think that Kerry support is any kind of anti-war statement, are just being irresponsible.

um... 27.Oct.2004 15:36

stating the obvious

You can't vote both for Kerry *and* against war. The 2 are mutually exclusive.