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Farmworkers from Florida bring the Taco Bell boycott to the Northwest

The CIW, a farmworker organization based in SW Florida, is currently visiting the Northwest to share the truth about the human rights abuses behind Taco Bell's profits. The CIW will be presenting at several events around Portland on Oct 20 &21.
Since Oct 14 several members of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers have been crossing the Northwest spreading the truth about the human rights abuses in Taco Bell's supply chain through protests, presentation, and potlucks (see updates of the last 5 days at  http://www.ciw-online.org ). The tour hits Portland today (Wed 10/20) and tomorrow (Thurs 10/21) with more exciting events. Please join us...

10/20 Wednesday:

- 7:00 pm Presentation @ PSU, Multicultural Center of the Smith Center

or 10/21 Thursday:

- Noon - protest/ flyering at PSU Student Union Taco Bell

- 1:30 Protest at Taco Bell location TBA

- 6:30 pm Community Potluck (Presentation & Strategy Session), The Musicians Union Local 99 Hall, 325 Northeast 20th Street

For more information on Portland events please call 239-986-0891 or 312.961.5381

homepage: homepage: http://www.ciw-online.org
phone: phone: 239-986-0891

Taco Hell 20.Oct.2004 20:30


Taco bell's food IS a human rights abuse. There are so many good, cheap Mexican restaurants and road stands in Portland, I don't know why anybody buys their stale tortillas, and that dogfood they call "beef", yeckh!