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Cascadian and Mid-west Activists take over Victoria Secret in Chicago!!

15 people from around Cascadia and the midwest took over Chicago's downtown (water tower) Victoria Secret (VS) today in protest of VS's destruction of endangered forests across the globe through their printing of 1 million non-recycled catalogs each day of the year.

Know folks in chicago that might want to get involved?? have them contact bhamrage__at__riseup.net to get plugged in!
Victoria's Dirty Little Secret
Victoria's Dirty Little Secret
"Catalogs = Clearcuts"
Sexy or Sadistic?
Sexy or Sadistic?
"Victoria Secret Kills Trees"
No more shopping as usual!
No more shopping as usual!
Amused shoppers looking on to the show
Amused shoppers looking on to the show
Outside the store on ultra busy michigan avenue
Outside the store on ultra busy michigan avenue
Hundreds passed by during the action, with a continuous crowd of several dozen
Hundreds passed by during the action, with a continuous crowd of several dozen
More to come!!
More to come!!
Protesters stormed the Victoria Secret around 12:30 pm Wednesday, virtually shutting down business operations for more than an hour.

The activists upon entering the store stripped down to lingerie and night gowns announcing their presence with a bull horn and informing the bemused shoppers of VS's tremendous contribution to forest destuction.

Not only are VS's catalogs non-recycled, they are primarily sourced from Northern Canada's boreal wilderness, the largest intact wildlands in North America. Amongst grizzly bears and herds of caribou, hundreds of rare migratory birds make the Boreal their home. Many of them pass through Chicago on their way to the tropics for the winter. With over 395 million catalogs published annually, VS is one of the leading contributors to forest destruction in the world.

After getting down to their panties, the protesters did a number of radical cheers. Simultaneously, lingerie clad activists with homemade chainsaws chased scantly clad people with cut-out trees. Meanwhile others handed out informational leaflets to passerbys, the vast majority of whom (including a cop or two!) applauded the activists for educating them on VS's actions. A number announced their plans to cancel accounts or call VS to complain! One was so psyched he got into lingerie with us (no joke!!)

After about an hour the half-naked crew left (it was a little chilly out today...) having spoken with hundreds of passerbys on busy Michigan Ave. and successfully shutting down VS's business for the busiest part of the day.

VS was informed that this was just the beginning....

We'll try to post video later (could be a day or so)!

more to come this weekend!
contact bhamrage__at__riseup.net to get plugged in

CHECK OUT  http://www.victoriasdirtysecret.net/ for all the background on the issue.

homepage: homepage: http://www.victoriasdirtysecret.net

cheers 20.Oct.2004 15:51


These are some of the cheers we did today, thought I'd share them

Victoria Has a Secret (to the tune of Miss Suzie)
Victoria has a secret a dirty little lie
they're cutting down the forests and they won't tell you just why
their catalogues printed, millions every year,
from the Boreal forest who's extinction is quite near
to homes of millions of migratory birds,
caribou and grizzly bears and many other herds
of skinny womyn barely even dressed
fuck their beauty standards and come to our protest
their mass destruction they cut and clear the land
now use recycled paper it's time to take a stand
up for the forests your body is your own
so back away from lingerie and call them on the phone

The Forest Home
my back is brown my leaves are green
don't cut me down cuz it's really really mean
their skin is flesh but their heart is stone
and they don't give a fuck about the forest home
so listen all ya'll to what we say
they're cutting down the forests each and every day
so put a stop to this and a stand to that
and kick Victoria's Secret off its track

We're Really Really Hot, You're Really Really Not
go away beauty standards when you're lookin so fake
I don't like your makeup or ideals you create
go away beauty standards with your capitalist shit
besides, ya'll wouldn't even step ta this
cuz we're hairy we're hot, we're everything your not
your fake, your plastic, your really really not
we're sexy we're the shit, and yes we will admit
a nice kick in the booty is what ya'll deserve
cuz you're plastic, your fake and guess what, you got served

I'm An Old Growth Kid (to the tune of I'm a Toys R Us Kid
I don't want to see it cut, cause I'm an old growth kid
there's a million parts of the ecosystem you would fuck with
from lichens to fish to red tree voles, it's the grandest old place there is..
and I don't wanna see it cut
cause baby if I did
I wouldn't be a roadless kid

i'm going to tell them to quit sending those zines 20.Oct.2004 21:00

ex v.s.

we've been getting the v.s. zine sent to our house for a along time though it mostly just gets tossed into the recycler. why on earth would they get their paper from such a place?

great action!

Woo hoo! 20.Oct.2004 21:05

Anonymous Admirer

Beautiful action! I love it!

Good job! 21.Oct.2004 09:23

save forests now

This action sends a really important message to PETA about ways to use half-naked activists to advertise your point without reinforcing (but rather ridiculing) mainstream beauty standards. Check out the radical cheers that specifically ridicule beauty standards. Pay attention to the way the activists specifically didn't try to become the "plastic" beauty standard, but spoof it - ridiculing it from the over-use of make-up to the exaggeration of "beauty poses." Way to go folks!

i called V.S. 21.Oct.2004 10:46

not dirty anymore

i called V.S. and told them to remove my name from their mailing list at once. she of course, asked why so i told her about the paper they used being printed on virgin forests. she said she would pass the info on.

clog their phone lines and let them know:


Call today! 21.Oct.2004 11:29

share the earth

Thank you for the phone number! I was going to order a pair of pants from them, but no more. I'll call them right now and tell them why.
Thanks for publicizing this selfishness.

don't forget the invisible slave labor 24.Oct.2004 19:31

oh yeah...

victoria's secret and most companies like it are using slave and near-slave labor to fill their stores with the crap they are selling. your reward for buying even one thing from them? an endless supply of catalogs that you never asked for and don't want.

Alaska in the Middle East 25.Oct.2004 23:52


I think we all need to use our influence to have the governments in the Middle East removed their pipelines and close their oil wells and return that area to a pristine arid wilderness where the camels can roam free

YOU WOMEN ROCK!!! 26.Oct.2004 09:34


nice to see activists educating people and having fun...keep up the good work!

awesome 30.Nov.2004 13:58

shannon shannon@butterflymessiah.com

What a great protest, i had no idea they were using virgin forests to print thier catalogs on. I am calling them RIGHT NOW. I can't wait to move to Portland and join these awesome protests. EDUCATE!