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Recent polls have Cobb climbing, ahead of all other 3rd party candidates and right on the heels of Ralph Nader. Here is an update.
For immediate release: October 20, 2004

Contact: Blair Bobier, Media Director 541.929.5755 or 414.364.1596


The Cobb-LaMarche Green Party presidential campaign is on a roll.

"There's a real sense of momentum and excitement and traffic on our website is increasing exponentially," said campaign spokesman Blair Bobier.

Bobier credited the upswing to the extensive media coverage the campaign has seen recently, the hard work of volunteers and staff and the natural cycles of campaigns.

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb recently appeared on the PBS program NOW with Bill Moyers and was featured in The Nation magazine in an article by author William Greider. C-SPAN also televised two of the alternative debates in which Cobb participated; NPR covered one of the debates, at Cornell University, and also separately profiled Cobb. Cobb also published an op ed in the Boston Globe on October 14 and will appear tonight on the CNBC John McEnroe show.

The John McEnroe show airs tonight on CNBC at 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. EST.

The Nation article on David Cobb can be found at  http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20041025&s=greider.

A more extensive interview with Cobb by William Greider is available on-line at  http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20041025&s=greiderweb.

Cobb's Boston Globe op ed, "Welcome to the Mainstream," is available on-line at  http://www.insurancenewsnet.com/article.asp?n=1&lnid=234245953.

A transcript of Cobb's appearance on the NOW program is available at  http://www.pbs.org/now/printable/transcript341_full_print.html.

For more information about the Cobb-LaMarche campaign, see  http://www.votecobb.org. Information about the Green Party can be found at  http://www.gp.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org

Vote For Cobb, but do it in a Safe State 20.Oct.2004 17:05


Which to do -- save the earth or lose Bush?

Do Both. Vote for Kerry in Oregon and have someone else vote for Cobb in a safe state.

VotePair needs your help.


votepair and flawed assumptions 20.Oct.2004 17:34

ex-democrat voter

The votepair concept rests on the fallacious assumption that democrats can be trusted. Many people know better. I can make up my own mind about who to vote for in the state in which I reside.


republicans conning votepair users 22.Oct.2004 15:37


Please don't fall for this. The previous poster points out that democrats may not always be trustworthy. I'm sure there are instances where this is true. This point aside, there are a number of republican sites encouraging Bush supporters to sign up multiple times to trick Kerry voters into not voting for him, while they still cast their vote for Bush.

This is just one example:

From News Radio 1370:  http://www.wspd.com/bobf2.html

1. Set up a few bogus email accounts on Yahoo or Hotmail. Make up names if you'd like.
2. Go to www.VotePair.org .
3. Select a swing state such as Florida or Pennsylvania where Nader is on the ballot.
4. Select "Nader" as your first choice for President.
5. Enter your name and email address so they can pair you with a Kerry supporter in a "safe state."
7. Confirm your agreement to vote for Kerry in your swing state via the email they send to your account while he agrees to vote for Nader in his safe state.
8. Print your confirmation email.
9. Take your printed email into your bathroom and use it as a substitute for your Charmin.
10. Go to your precinct on November 2nd and vote for George W. Bush.
11. Feel proud that you helped stop voter fraud in the United States of America!

There are other sites as well where people are admitting to signing up with multiple user accounts. Please don't "trade" your vote because you put your trust in a random online stranger. You wouldn't give your absentee ballot to a stranger you just met on a bus, and trust them to fill it in and mail it for you. Don't give your vote away to a stranger on the internet.