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Vietnam Vet Grabs Other Vietnam Vet By Throat

Wednesday 20 October | The scene outside a movie theatre in Jenkintown, Pa. as a Bush supporter grabs a Kerry supporter by the throat. Both men Vietnam Veterans, seem to symbolize a nation bitterly divided over war.
(Photo: Rick Kintzel / AP)
(Photo: Rick Kintzel / AP)

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what do you think 20.Oct.2004 17:28

picture is great for comment

How do Jews, Muslam, Christians get along? How do governments get along? Is peace justice and the american way a contradiction in terms? Perhaps these people are married?

Remember context when examining an image. If people carried pistols more often, perhaps there would be more polite people or dead idiots. Time would tell.

Vets are a tragedy who deserve pity as a slave working for a master. Or perhaps a brain washed hitman working for Jesus, Mohamad, or god or some other like bullshit. The citizen should prevent the making of veterans. The state needs not be an empire builder.

How many US Vets and US citizens care about the mass murder going on and that they participate in. Its hard to tell from the mainstream media. The oligopoly really needs to be broken up.
Looking For a good Veteran is like looking for water in a desert
Looking For a good Veteran is like looking for water in a desert

Thank you veterans 22.Oct.2004 02:17

Migratory Bird

for making us the only country convicted of international state terrorism.