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GOP to try and take your ballots

The Oregon Republican Party, following the Democrats' lead, said Tuesday that it has organized a volunteer "strike force" to go into neighborhoods throughout the state, offering to collect ballots cast by President Bush's supporters.
Given that the Republican party has been throwing away voter registrations and generally attempting to waylay the democratic process, I would be wary of anyone (Dem or otherwise) coming to your door to collect your ballot.

You safer if you handle it yourself.


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isn't this illegal? 20.Oct.2004 15:05

it should be

I mean, what's to stop me from claiming I'm with a particular party, picking up ballots from registered voters of that party, and tossing them in the river? No one would ever know. It seems to me that ballots are supposed to only be handled by people in the government (poll workers, postal workers, etc). I don't even mail my ballot; I always take it to the election office. It's impossible to be too careful these days.

another reason parties suck 20.Oct.2004 19:43

party pooper

RND DNC seem as two sides of the same coin. But we need to change the head
of the coin. Dont trust strangers or anyone else for that matter.

It's disgusting 21.Oct.2004 22:27


The only way they'd know a person voted a particular way is if they opened up the ballot. Which is a crime.