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Portland Police identified in video of Bush visit on 10-14-04 to

When Bush visited the small town of Jacksonville, Oregon on Thursday (14th) it
was unusal to say the least that such a small town and county could field a
force of 54 SWAT officer's, and naturally, the question is begged>>>where in
the hell did these sonsofbitches come from??????????????
A review of the video footage taken (and spirited out of Jacksonville ASAP) in conjunction with a local
PoPo "friendly" has identified 6 of these worthless thugs as being on the Portland Police Bureau's force
and they've been identified by name, badge number, and in 3 cases, have home addresses/phone numbers!
The group I'm with would like to post these names, numbers, & addresses here so that YOU may use them as
you see fit. Therefore, please assure that any further communications from us is secure, that we can't
be traced by the PJTTF, and that it is legal to post this information. We shall await your further in-
structions! WITH VIDEO'S...THE TRUTH ALWAYS WINS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
given the type of people on the 20.Oct.2004 14:04

Portland Police Bureau

this sort of news just doesn't surprise me in the least! How sad!!!!!!!!

Video of the shooter? 21.Oct.2004 14:55

Son of a Motherless Goat

We're trying to find the identity of the cop who opened fire on the crowd, he was wearing partial face covering but could still be identified? Can anyone help? He was in full regalia.

the cop in 21.Oct.2004 16:13


has been tentatively identified as one of the on-loan Portland Police cops there for the event!

QUESTION: Who paid their salaries while they were there? the citizens of Portland?????????????

Making Out Like a Bandit During Bush Visits 21.Oct.2004 20:53


It surprises me that savvy criminals in cities Bush visits haven't taken advantage of the lack of police during his swoop and grab cash & campaign stops. Surely there are a lot of vulnerable businesses just ripe for the plucking with no one to respond to "crime in progress" calls while the city's police are forcd to babysit Dubya and protect him from the big, bad protestors.

It would be very interesting to see if crime reports rise in the cities inflicted with Presidential and Vice Presidential "visits".

in reply to.... 21.Oct.2004 22:39

son of a motherless goat

the cop in question has been identified as scott mccollister. he has had practice in such things