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Observe the Elections Process in SE Portland

Did you know you can observe the elections process right here in SouthEast Portland? According to mainstream media reports yesterday the Democrats have charged "that Republicans are out to suppress turnout in Oregon, pointing to a nine-page GOP instruction manual that calls on volunteers to show up at ballot drop-off sites at 7:45 p.m. on election night, 15 minutes before the voting deadline, armed with video cameras and cell phones." There could be Republican Election Observers right here is SE Portland at this very minute working to get ballots rejected.

Just show up 1040 SE Morrison St. and tell them you would like to observe the election process.

Repubicans Election Observers in Oregon will use a very strict interpretation of Oregon Election Laws to get as many ballots in Multnomah County Rejected as possible (and thus increase Bush's chances of winning Oregon). They know Multnomah county with it's high population and strong Democratic leaning could cost them Oregon.

They will be down at the Elections Office every day to challenge ballots under ORS 253.700 or 254.415 and making sure elections staff and volunteers strictly follow Oregon election laws. I'm not saying that following the law is a bad thing, just saying that if they are there we should be there too.
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