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Cause and Effect

The silly namby pamby Democrats are too goody-goody to recognize and say the obvious but I'm not.
I am an American Veteran.

I speak, read and write seven languages because I have lived, worked and traveled extensively all over the world.

I understand how people in other countries feel about Americans (USA) because I lived over there long enough for part of me to become one of them and I understand this:

Cause and Effect

What I keep being astounded by is how the goofy Democrats keep missing so much.

Nobody will come right out and say it even though it's staring everybody right in the face.

Dubbya is the, archetypical, classic, paradigmatic, prototypical, quintessential UGLY AMERICAN that represents everything that all other people, from all the other countries on the planet, do not now and never have liked about Americans.

He is especially what the Muslims don't like about Americans (and westerners [the crusaders] in general) and as long as we continue to choose him to represent us, they can only think that he is us and we are therefore their enemy.

George Bush is the CAUSE of terrorism!

George Bush is the perpetuation of terrorism!

George Bush is high octane gasoline on the flame of terrorism.

George Bush is terrorism!

It is arrogance and bellicose belligerence that makes us hated.

It was our government breaking all our treaties with Native Americans that made them mistrust us then and it is breaking all our treaties with the world that makes the world mistrust us now.

George Bush is the CAUSE of terrorism!

Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi and Usama Bin Laden (not Sadam Hussain) are the EFFECT of the existence of George W Bush.

The world was 100 times safer when Sadam Hussain was keeping a lid on all that mess over there (where we have no business) And George W. was still just a drunk with a baseball team.
On the money... 20.Oct.2004 12:17

Tony Blair's dog

Thank you.

thanks there dear poster: Gianina diLucca 20.Oct.2004 12:24

I for one

find your posting full of TRUTH! Says it quite well and I hope you'll write more. Thanks!