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Keane update on forum with Ron Wyden

Teresa Keane was in a forum with Ron Wyden on Sunday. Ron would agree to only one "debate". Here is a quick note from Teresa based on her experience.
I attended the US Senate Candidate Forum in Bend last Sunday. All 5 candidates attended. We were seated in alphabetical order so I was right in the middle. The format included a 2 minute introduction statement followed by a set of questions with a 1 minute response and a final 1 minute final statement. Throughout my responses I had an opportunity to promote our Green platform and remark on Wyden's: support of SR 408-The Palestinian Wall; U.S. Patriot Act; restrictions on bankruptcy protection; and final support of the ghastly $415 billion corporate tax cuts. I was surprised to note that Wyden is a slick, smooth machine with no regard for the people of Oregon and an ice cold demeanor . The experience increased my resolve to struggle against corporate power through our powerful vehicle, the PGP.


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