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Observe the Elections Process in SE Portland

Did you know you can go down to the elections office and observe the process?
Did you know you can observe the elections process right here in SouthEast Portland? According to mainstream media reports yesterday the Democrats have charged "that Republicans are out to suppress turnout in Oregon, pointing to a nine-page GOP instruction manual that calls on volunteers to show up at ballot drop-off sites at 7:45 p.m. on election night, 15 minutes before the voting deadline, armed with video cameras and cell phones." There could be Republican Election Observers right here is SE Portland at this very minute working to get ballots rejected.

Just show up 1040 SE Morrison St. and tell them you would like to observe the election process.

Repubicans Election Observers in Oregon will use a very strict interpretation of Oregon Election Laws to get as many ballots in Multnomah County Rejected as possible (and thus increase Bush's chances of winning Oregon). They know Multnomah county with it's high population and strong Democratic leaning could cost them Oregon.

They will be down at the Elections Office every day to challenge ballots under ORS 253.700 or 254.415 and making sure elections staff and volunteers strictly follow Oregon election laws. I'm not saying that following the law is a bad thing, just saying that if they are there we should be there too.

Some reasons they can get your ballot tossed out include (from the Vote-By-Mail Manual):

If the signed return identification ballot envelope is unsealed:
2. The secrecy envelope unsealed: Reject the ballot;
3. No secrecy envelope is returned: Reject the ballot.

If there is more than one secrecy envelope, or there is more than one ballot not in a secrecy envelope
Reject all contents.

Return Identification Ballot Envelopes from Previous Elections
If the voter returns a return identification ballot envelope during a scheduled
election cycle for a previous election date:
? Do not open envelope;
? Place the ballot with the rejected ballots;
? Do not process the ballot for the current election; and
? Do not count.

Process a ballot on which a voter has written a change of address on the return envelope as a challenged ballot.

If the signature on the ballot does not match the voter registration card and it appears that another individual has signed a different name on the ballot:
? Consider the ballot "spoiled" or "unacceptable."

Ballots shall be rejected if a write-in is voted using a rubber stamp, sticker or another marking device, except writing, which bears the name of a person and is used to vote for a person whose name is not printed on the ballot.

Determining Voter Intent
If the inspection board agrees on the voter's intent, the ballot should be enhanced or duplicated in the manner reflecting the voter's intent and the enhanced or duplicate ballot counted. If the inspection board does not agree on the voter's intent, the ballot should not be duplicated but processed as is.

Corrections on the ballot with liquid "white-out" by the voter generally will be thrown out by the optical scanner and cannot be read correctly

Link to Report Voter Fraud in Oregon (NEW):

Official Vote-By-Mail Manual:
News Stories:
Thanks and where did you learn of this manual for GOP 20.Oct.2004 15:48


Where did you get/see/or hear of this instruction manual.

And I say yes, and, LET'S BRING OUR VIDEO CAMERAS TO CAPTURE THE MOMENT(S). I know how much repubs like to be videotaped...after all..it's the american way..so all you film-makers...

GOP Manual 20.Oct.2004 15:56


to Pix - The info and qoute about the GOP campaign manual came from the KGW story linked in my post. I tried all afternoon with google to find a copy of it on line but had no luck. The story said it was a "widely available" manual.

it seems 20.Oct.2004 16:31

to me

If they are trying to throw things out in Portland, well, just remember that you could ALSO observe in Bush strongholds like far East Portland/Multnomah County...

and another thing: no funny-looking signatures 20.Oct.2004 17:25

John Hancock

Shortly after the primary election a few months ago, I received a letter in the mail from the county to let me know that my ballot had been rejected. They said that I did not sign the outside of the envelope, but I'm pretty sure that I did (I'm generally pretty good at following instructions when I want to). My best guess is that my signature was considered invalid because of the way it looks, with an expressive line drawn through it that may have caused a bureaucrat to think that it was "crossed out." So let this be a warning to you Oregon voters with mail-in ballots, sign your name all nice and legible and with no flourishes.

when do i do this 20.Oct.2004 19:31

jordan jordan@lclark.edu

when is this place open? do i observe on election day, count ballots, what? where do i get more info?


Answer to Jordan 21.Oct.2004 09:15


The election office is open 8:00-5:00 but if you want to observe don't show up at 4:00am show up early so you can get in. As I understand it you will not count anything or do any work, you will not even talk, you must sign a waiver and agree not to touch anything or speak to anyone. You will observe what people are doing - watch them open ballots compair signatures, that kind of stuff.

I've got a day off from work next week so I can spend 1/2 a day down there and i'll post more after that happens...

THIS IS A CRISIS!!!!!!! 21.Oct.2004 09:20


I called the Multnomah Election office yesterday after reading this post & they said yep - several Republicans were down there as of Monday - observing. They literally can stand inches away from election officials when they are processing ballots & "challenge" a ballot. Which they have been doing & aparently they even challenged the capabilities of one of the officials. Obviously the republicans realize this countly - Mult. is the one Kerry stronghold in all of Oregon (Oregon is a big state - not just Portland) and they want to do whatever they can to lessen the # of Kerry votes! I called the Kerry Oregon office & they were not aware of the situation - I celled the Mul. County Democrats & they were aware of the situations & supposedly we are supposed to have a list of 240 volunteer lawyers willing to take shifts at the office but that hasn't happened yet. Obviously the Republicans are all over it & we are not. Also another issue the Mult Count Democrats just told me about is apparently the ballots weigh over an ounce and the Post Office is kicking ballots back!

If you want to go down & be an observer you can I urge you to ASAP - until the Dems get ther shite together....Anyone can be an observer - I want to go but I have to work.

1040 SE Morrison St.
Portland OR 97214
Phone: 503-988-3720
Fax: 503-988-3719

Stay informed!
Take care.