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Update: Call Lars "Flip Flopper" Larson Today to get tickets to "Stolen Honor"

It appears Lars has been a Flip Flopper on what day he is giving out tickets. Maybe, just maybe his interns are reading PDX Indy Media and he keeps bumping to squash our efforts. More incentive to call in.
October 20, 2004

Get your Tickets to anti-Kerry smear documentary, "Stolen Honor"

Lars announced last week that he was going to be giving free tickets out on Monday to the only showing in Oregon. Well, Lars changed his mind on Tuesday and bumped it to Wednesday.

According to Lars, the tickets are free and will be issued to anyone that calls the show between 11am and 3pm. Lars will take down your name and the last four digits of your phone #. You will then give that information at the door to get into the showing. The smearamentary will show a weak before the election. (details to be given when you call in). Just remember, make sure you let Lars know that you are loyal to the crown.

Lets pack the house with liberals and progressives to counter the right-wing blight.

Lars Larson Show Phone: 1-800-827-0750

Come on! Don't be a drag... get your tickets and join Lars, Don McIntire and Oregon Conservatives for a right-wing Anti-Kerry Hate Fest. They will love to see you!
Lars on only till 2:00 21.Oct.2004 08:40


According to KXL.com Lars is on 11-2, not 3:00 as your story says.

No, You really can..... 21.Oct.2004 13:19


Lars can actually be reached between 11am and 3pm by call in. KXL only carries him until 2:00 then Tony Snow-JOB comes on. Lars is continues broadcasting to most of Oregon ie Salem, Eugene, Eastern Oregon with his "Greater Oregon Hour". So ,in short, if you call after 2:00 from the Metro area, you can talk to the fat slob.

Who says it's a smear documentary? 22.Oct.2004 19:24


I've been interested in seeing this video ever since I read in a recent article in The Oregonian that several Democrats (28 or so, I think) petitioned The FCC to suppress the broadcast Stolen Honor.
TIn reply, the FCC spokesman said that such a request is without precedence, and besides, disallowing such a broadcast is unconstitutional (not to mention illegal and a rank abuse of power). It seems that lots of people are using lots of different means to get this video surpressed.
This is pretty scary. Some political operatives are so desperate that they'll openly attempt to suppress free speech! It is beyond me why anyone would defer or tolerate facist elements in ANY political party.
I want to see this video more than ever. And I want it freely available to anyone else who wants to see it. If the video is full of bunk, it will be worse for whoever produced it, if not, then so much better for the rest of us.
To the numb-nuts who don't think I have what it takes to decide for myself, just get the hell out of the way. I don't need your help.

You bet it is 23.Oct.2004 22:55

All around you

this nothing but a smear compain, even if you don't get he tickets, show and protest or call lars on his cell # 503-351-8886, then ask him why he as move to vanouver but still claims he is an oregonain, he address is 9100 SE Mt Rainier DR, Vancouver. WA. This guy is evil and is the classic passive/agressive attitude.

This Jackass 25.Oct.2004 12:32

Just put people on

Notice that if they come and disrupt the showing he would call the police and picture would be taken and lars would ask for charges to pressed. What an ASSHOLE!!!! I'm going to be there, I invite you all to be there