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Call or Email Portland City Commissioners re Texas Pacific Deal -- or Testify

The City of Portland will on October 20 consider a resolution to oppose the Texas Pacific Group purchase of PGE. The City's notice of this is below.

If you wish to testify, you can sign up outside of the Council Chambers at City Hall before the meeting starts. You can also send emails to the Commissioners with your views:

Erik Sten opposes the TPG purchase, as it would put PGE in the hands of yet another group of high-flying financial wizards, with their own interests in profits uppermost.

Unfortunately, those directly involved in the TPG case at the Oregon PUC will not be able to attend this City Council meeting, because the Oregon PUC hearings are scheduled for all day Wednesday.

On Wednesday, October 20, Portland City Commissioner Erik Sten will ask the Portland City Council to formally oppose the sale of Portland General Electric (PGE) by the Texas Pacific Group (TPG).

Testimony is welcome at the Council meeting; this agenda items is scheduled as a "time-certain" hearing at 9:30 a.m.

The press release is posted on the City of Portland's website about the future of PGE at:


The Council meeting agenda and information about testifying can be found at:


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