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9.11 investigation

911Skeptics.Blogspot -Frameup on Humanity- Updates (Issue October 18th)

9/11: Frameup on Humanity- Updates
9/11: Frameup on Humanity- Updates (Issue October 18th)


(from 911skeptics.blogspot.com -Issue October 18th 2004) -TODAY ON WING TV, http://www.wingtv.net! Albanese, John Shocking and disturbing! How ny911truth.org member John Albanese was harrassed by his roomate and apparently by the FBI: "...While I was at work men showed up and questioned her about me - frightened her badly - cross examined her - warned her about me - made allegations about me..." Albanese decided now to leave ny911truth.org. He follows Christian Fleming, who left 2 weeks ago.




Amber Sky, Erie County LEPC and the "Buffalos" Frank Levi, most active on excellent new findings on "swap research", found other lost "drills" during 2001. "Amber Sky" appears to be another dry run for the Pentagon attack. Operation Amber Sky was 5 yearly training exercise from June 8 to June 9, 2001. It was conducted in conjunction with a disaster drill at the Dayton International Airport (DAI) on June 9. "The team started Operation Amber Sky at noon on Friday June 8 by assembling a Base of Operations or BOO at the Dayton International Airport. Training classes were provided through the weekend. The weekend also provided an overnight opportunity which is required of all new members before they receive team patches."... Phil Jayhan of 911letsroll might love one photo of the June 20001 drill. One plane seems to have no windows! On September 11th, many airports got evacuated, among them Boston's Logan and DC's Reagan. Also interesting, is the second drill, Levy found: "...On September 8, 2001, the LEPC together with the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport ran a full-scale terrorist exercise. More than 350 participants were involved in the exercise that simulated an aircraft landing with a terrorist on board and the threat of an explosive device on the plane. The exercise was a tremendous success..." The word "Buffalo" seems to inspire the real perpetrators of 9/11. Some suspects got connected with the so called "sleeper cells" in Buffalo, NY. Then we have the interesting part of the ATC-transcript to "flight 11": The last order from ATC to flight 11 was :"Turn 20 degrees right"



This sent Flight 11 in the direction of Albany airport and Griffiss Air Base. This air base is officially closed since 1997. Immediately after this contact was lost, the transponder was switched off. Griffiss AFB traces its name to a Buffalo aviator killed over Europe during World War 2. Griffiss is 103.4 miles away from Albany, where UA175 and UA93 "met" each other. Was there another switch?... plus more news including...

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-9/11 Truth LA presents new mega event
-Fred Burks rocks the White House
-Atta and CIA contact Darkanzali arrested
-More inconsistencies about Flight93 aka N591UA

-Hilder reached "Boiling point 9/11" in Germany
-Herbert Homer: The man who died twice on 9/11
-Flocco: Is Bush railroading Ellen's 911 RICO suit via back door?
-9/11 Aviation Warnings up at National Security Archive

-Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass on 9/11: "This was an inside job."
-New 9/11 PR projects: Proposition911.org and reopen911.org
-ewing2001 on WING TV

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