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Diebold: Counteracting voter bias

"Electronic voting" offers our country an important tool to counteract the pervasive bias of the majority -- in favor of themselves.
Everyone around this time of the political cycle is always incessantly talking up the greatness and grandeur of the voters. I'm here to say: Hello!! Wake up! The voters are BIASED!!!

Many people make the mistake of referring to our country as a "democracy." Technically, this is a dangerous misnomer that contradicts our Founding Fathers. Rather, our country was founded as a Republic, where all citizens agree to delegate power to duly elected representatives, and all citizens must follow laws, not merely their own whims. This is what protects us from mob rule, which the ideas of radicals and leftists would leave us prey to.

If we let the logic of mob rule reign, then the majority could simply take away the property of the minority any time they wanted. That's where the idea of taxes and welfare comes from. This whole business has gone too far already.

All that companies like Diebold, ESS, and other voting machine manufacturers are doing with their "flawed" machines is introducing a valuable countervailing force to protect us against the tyranny of the majority. It's clear that if the majority had their way all the time, we would soon drift straight into socialism and mob rule. Everyone knows that the Democratic Party has historically always had a lead in voter registration, although luckily Republicans have been able to somewhat counteract this bias in party preference within the general public with a higher turnout amongst their own members.

With today's new technology, in the form of "electronic voting," we now have another important tool at our disposal to counteract the pervasive bias of the majority in favor of themselves (and against the really productive successful people. You know, those of us who own the businesses, make the campaign contributions, control the lobbyists, and without whom the majority of you whiners out there would be out of work!)