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october 15 2004 the battle for the future has begun

prelude to revolution
today, o15 a loose network of activists, radicals and revolutionaries agreed to form a universal united front. this solidarity network does not take a name nor does it endorse any specific agenda with exception that is our civic duty as prescribed in the declaration of indepedence. our motivation is the heinous threats and in some cases actual destruction this regime and previous administrations have undertaken against the the rights granted to we the people in the founding documents of this country. these documents known as the declaration of independence, the constitution and the bil of rights along with other social, political, human, economic and ecological ideals have been heinously molested and to further allow this is negligence upon our parts as citizens. we must take responsibility for our nation and heed the call of the declaration of independence and take action.

for those of us that understand this reposibility there is no limit to the level of action will engage in to topple the existing regime and its effort to renew itself in 18 days. for those of us who still feel compelled by beliefs that the existing form of constitutional republic is still legitimate you must exercise your civic duty to voice opposition on nov. 2 by supporting the challengers to this regime. we must make every effort to topple the regime as soon as we can our first direct attempt should be executed on n2. should this illegal and tyrannical regime be allowed to be renewed on the nov 3 a state of war will exist between it, its illegitimate authority and the people of this country. we must accept our role as liberators and patriots by exercising our right to depose this enslavement.

will you choose to stand with this solidarity network and exercise your rights, all those rights if need be? there should be no petty squabbling or over agendas, nor should we condemn the actions or ideas of others in this struggle. there needs to be a united front with our single purpose is to be a solidarity network directed at reclaiming our country. as a forewarning, a vote to allow the re-selection of the current regime is a vote for open revolution.
this is not a threat but reality

" to rebel is justified"

as stated in the declaration of independence-

"Prudence, indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing to forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism. It is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security."
um 16.Oct.2004 09:37

just a thought

Nameless "loose networks" with no "specific agenda" don't form "universal united fronts."

I'm with you in spirit, but what this movement needs is something more solid.

Perhaps a list of grievances against King George would be a good start.

ah 16.Oct.2004 11:03

united front solidarity network

like the constititution, which is composed of 3 doocuments, this is the first of them, more of an announcement of intent. you will have your questions answered filled in all too soon.

just don't abandon the struggle. and be ready to do your part.

I smell COINTELPRO 16.Oct.2004 18:43


What's wrong with this picture? Would anybody who was serious in starting "The" Revolution post it on IMC, after computers servers overseas were confiscated by the FBI? A year ago, perhaps. Not now.

It could very well be a fishing expedition. See who posts 'in solidarity' and the FeeBees keep track of 'em.

Isn't there enough bullshit to deal with this election?

its not 17.Oct.2004 11:41

united front solidarity network

see your point but lets not feed conspiracy, and the thing is we are working out the language of things right now. as far we can see it we still haven't broken the law, 1st amendment that is. in addition its a right granted us under the constitution.

either you will be part of the struggle or you won't, as of nov. 3 we become thought criminals and we are not going to room 101 without a fight.

Note to any Judge viewing this thread. 17.Oct.2004 16:35


If you've been sent to this thread by law enforcement, the main article of this thread was posted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The image of the commercial jet heading towards the White House was also posted by the FBI. This is a false flag operation. The post was planted by law enforcement with the hope of prompting some less than optimally intelligent judge into issuing a warrant.

dream on and little green men will be here soon 17.Oct.2004 17:55


this is not a false flag op. and in addition there are several occasions where contributors have been likewise abused by conspiracy theroists, and others which actual turn out to be your reported false flag op. this is no plant, this is not a false flag op, stopo trying to find the enemy where he is not and make a comrade from those you find.

This is a bullshit article. 17.Oct.2004 18:13


The benefit to the movement is entirely negative. No rational americans support flying commercial jets into buildings, even into the White House (after all, there would be passengers on board). These images are an attempt to equate resistance to the system with al-Qaeda - a stupid move.

If this is for real, why is it only posted on a handful of IMCs?

One last comment, "little green men" is more what a right wing troll would say, not what one of us would say.

Bag it, troll.

actually you are not seeing the complete message 17.Oct.2004 18:58


in truth this actuaclly for real no bull shit and yes we one of you. currently for reasons of logistics and unification we are keeping no collective website. as to why this is only on a handful of websites the network is building and and was only posted on a few strategic websites. do us a favor and lend a hand and forward it to others be sure to include your own thoughts. bull shit or not it will spark the opening up off others to the thoughts presented here. you are right , we wouldn't run a civilian airliner into the white house, but you missed the point altogether: it is meant to imply a direct strike at the illegal authority of the regime that is in power and will remain so after nov. 2. oh and by the way ithe plane image is actually a photoshop of an album entitled paris. guerrilla funk. we hadn't had time to photo shop the image of a mutinied B-52 unloading on the white house .

not a troll and we could have used the jfk, waco okc bombing reference for that matter they are kind of right wing when you think about it.

yeah either way lend a hand repost with the comments to other imcs.

in solidarity

united front solidarity network

Why don't you repost them yourselves? 17.Oct.2004 21:36


Seeing that you're such a big and potent organization ready to take on the state?

make it count 18.Oct.2004 07:46


doesnt matter either way as long as you do your part..the rest of us are ours...

in solidarity

I think this is posted by a 10 year old who hasn't studied history 18.Oct.2004 09:49

The historical record

1) The Constitution is one document;
2) The Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution (the first ten amendments);
3) The Declaration of Independence is not law and is not part of the Constitution, it is a declaration.
4) Why model your revolution after one fought for mostly economic reasons by well off white men?

dialectics and symantics, and this is why we have failed in the past 18.Oct.2004 11:14


" this solidarity network does not take a name nor does it endorse any specific agenda with exception that is our civic duty as prescribed in the declaration of indepedence. our motivation is the heinous threats and in some cases actual destruction this regime and previous administrations have undertaken against the the rights granted to we the people in the founding documents of this country."

we have to stop our infighting and and conflicts over language, ideaolgy, and agenda. we are not the problem the bastard in the white house, the existing regime and the state as a whole is. this post was was an attempt to rally all of us to a common cause which is to be prepared come nov. 3 to take part in the struggle regardless of your particular agenda and stand united with all dissent. some how it has lost focus as the norm within our factionalized movement and gone into petty squabbles, false accusations, and the whole point pissed off into the wind.

but agian instead feeeding the negative we will encourage the positive, we are trying to rally all of us to action on nov. 3 in protest. now is that so difficult to get or has that escaped us as well?

again regardless of our differences we have a common foe and we must based on our conscience act in accord with our beliefs and engage in this struggle. it is a call to prepare, and organize at all levels for nov. 3 or will we let it happen again? a repeat of 2000 that is.

see you in the streets

A little confusion or a lot of disinformation? 18.Oct.2004 12:08

Questioner from the peanut gallery

1. The initial photo graphic used is the same one that is used on the subvertical website. The words overlaying the image are different than those of subvertical. That is, folks supposedly based in Portland, Oregon.

2. However, those folks can spell and, while they haven't shown anything other than a website so far, they seem to be relatively sane.

3. This new thread has the same difficulties with spelling and logic as the Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front, which has been posting in the last year, supposedly from Atlanta. The uglf (as they refer to themselves) have a website with images similar to the plane crashing into the White House and confused but extremely militant rhetoric. Most folks who have looked into the uglf's posts or website will draw the conclusion that they are either crazy or...

4. Is this an attempt to conflate the two groups? That is, to steal the image of one group and corrupt it with pretty meaningless but grandiose calls for a 'united front'. "United front" with whom, to do what, and where?

Can the real posters come out from behind the curtain? I agree with the person who suggests that this is not organizing or legitimate speech, but an attempt to discredit Indymedia. Unless it is an 11-year-old kid who has learned Photoshop.

peeking outfrom behind the curtain 18.Oct.2004 13:04

those who are trying to encourage a"unified front"

look language aside and who or what we are does not matter this whole post was created after a dialogue between several groups/individuals took place. these talks were about what we intend to do as a response to the re-selection of g.w. next month. from there collective approval was given to generate " a call to action" for lack of a better term. that call to action is the orginal post. it was written with the intention of preserving our collective anonyminity for reasons of security. it was in spirit designed to compel others to organize and to discuss amongst themselves plans for nov 3 and afterward. it was also created to build steam more a "unified" movement that will stand together in the upcoming struggle as opposed to the way we exist today.

the idea was if that if others knew of something, nothing specfic in response to the terrible travisity which will take place in two weeks and day, that they too would plan strikes, walk-outs, demostations and other forms of direct action in solidarity than it would create a " unified front". all of us everywhere would engage is some form of protest in solidarity against this upcoming horror. instead this attempt to rally a larger more wide spread response has been completely skewed and is now bogged down in explaining itself. when the first post was made, wording aside it seemed pretty clear that the main point was that there are folks planning action and to encourage others to do the same. yet agin we return to same point, we are going in circles. bottom line for reasons of security we are not going to list the nearly twenty different groups scattered across the country planning on taking action, nor what they may intend to do. after all we are not blind we know very well the security services of the state monitor the imcs, they post false flag ops, they intentionally ridicule posts to discredit the authors in the eyes of the readers as well as use this as a source of intelligence to catch the pulse of activist community.


instead the theme got caught up in debate, conspiracy and leaves one to wonder
why bother encouraging others to plan/act in solidarity on nov 3 is even worth it. it was our hope that by creating the orginal post that others all over the country would do as is being suggested and again this is being redundant to plan, organize and act in solidarity nationwide.

we hope this clears things up and helps to get this "united front solidarity network" back on track.

not a proprietary graphic 18.Oct.2004 17:35

short memories

The graphic is from the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999. I don't know who owns it, if anybody. I doubt anybody currently posting any maniacal manifestos announcing imminent revolutionary mobilizations of global fronts of networks of whatever (whether well or badly spelled) had anything to do with taking the picture. Or probably even with protesting the WTO in 1999.