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Help Save Wildlife Habitat and Farms from Sprawl-fight Measure 37!!

Save Oregon Wildlife habitat and Farms from Suburban Sprawl- fight the Timber company financed Measure 37
Take a Closer Look. Vote No on Measure 37.

Ballots go out in just one day. Now is the time to do all we can to support farmland protections and land use planning in Oregon by defeating Measure 37.

We have only three weeks in which to make a difference for Oregon. Please help us keep Oregon, Oregon. We ask that you do what you can to ensure that the protections for our homes, neighborhoods, farm and forest lands, and access to our beaches are not undermined by this deceptive and costly ballot measure.

As taxpayers we cannot afford administrative costs of up to $344 million each year. We cannot let arbitrary decisions determine who receives waivers to the laws to which the rest of us abide. We cannot afford subdivisions and strip malls sprouting amongst our most productive farms. We cannot throw away the assurance that our property values will be protected from incompatible development down the road.

The No on 37 Coalition (Take A Closer Look Committee) needs contributions and volunteers now. Please consider how you can help:

Take Action Now
1. Write a letter to the editor
2. Canvass door-to-door
3. Sign up to phone bank, call from home, or organize a phone bank in your area
4. Table at public events
5. Send postcards to your friends
6. Contact a campaign representative in your region

With our combined efforts, we can defeat this measure and reaffirm Oregonians' commitment to protecting our quality of life!

1. Write a letter to the editor.

Download a letter writing guide for your local paper. The guides contain message points and the addresses of the newspapers in your region. For additional help writing or submitting a letter, contact Dan Eisenbeis of 1000 Friends of Oregon: (503) 497-1000 or Audrey Van Buskirk: (503) 222-2734.

2. Canvass door-to-door

Contact Morgan Allen - (503) 222-2734.

3. Sign up to phone bank, call from home, or organize a phone bank in your area.

Call from home or organize a local phone bank!

If you live in the Portland area, join others who are making calls 6:00-9:00 PM on October 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, and 28.

Contact Morgan Allen - (503) 222-2734.

4. Table at public events

Know of public events--like markets, fairs, or festivals--where you can reach people or want to talk with your neighbors? We can help you get organized! If you are interested in tabling at farmers' markets in the Willamette Valley or Portland, please contact Aaron Abrams -(503) 475-1174. Otherwise, please contact Morgan Allen - (503) 222-2734.

5. Send postcards to your friends

Want to remind people about the importance of voting no on 37? Send them a postcard! The campaign has printed postcards just waiting to be addressed, stamped and mailed. Please call the regional contact nearest you:

6. Campaign representatives // Regional Offices

Central/Eastern Oregon:
Bend: Carol Macbeth: (541) 382-7557
Hood River: Peter Cornelison: (503)241-3762

Southern Oregon:
Ashland: Nancy Ames Cole: (541) 488-2377
Grants Pass: Greg Holmes: (541) 474-1155

Willamette Valley:
Corvallis: Paul Adamus: (541) 745-7092
Corvallis: Kate Kimball: (541) 745-5539
Eugene: Jonathan Evans
Eugene: Lauri Segel: (541) 431-7059
Yamhill County: Sid Friedman: (503) 371-7261

Coastal Oregon:
Tillamook: Vic Affolter

Portland Metro:
Jennifer Warren: (503) 222-2734
Dan Eisenbeis: (503) 497-1000

Regional contacts can also provide you with No on 37 window signs, bumper stickers, and lapel stickers.

If you don't see a contact in your area, and would like to volunteer to help coordinate No on 37 information and materials in your region, please contact Jennifer Warren at the campaign:  jennifer@noon37.com