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Support The Farm & stop the development!

Friends of the Farm unite!
Hello beautiful lovers of life and community,

This is a special invitation to all who support the vision of a village, with woven paths of connection, communication, and creation.

The Try/on Life Community Farm (aka The Farm) is fully blooming into high gear NOW and we need you. We are building our future, planning our vision, and organizing against looming development. If you're interested in any aspect of creating a thriving piece of this Village, PLEASE respond to this email, call, or COME!! And forward to all who may be interested. Below are the details and dates to get involved: See you in the mud and shining community......

Stared as a VBC site in May, we have an almost completed sauna with a criss-crossed bamboo ceiling in need of woven strips, stained glass windows and an arched doorway just begging for some sculptural relief work. We have three professional natural builders living at the Farm, pretty much providing anyone who comes with free natural building workshop experience. :)

THIS SATURDAY 10/16 we are making and sculpting with cob, putting up gigantic roof rafters and possibly working on the bamboo ceiling! So come stomp, build, and create a beautiful community masterpiece. We start work parties at 10am, provide lunch, and usually finish for dinner time with pizza out of our cob oven and music around a firepit (weather permitting). You're welcome to stop by anytime on Saturday.

1. STOP THE DEVELOPMENT: Tentatively for Thursday 10/21, at Tryon Creek Nature
Center, with Friends of Tryon, people from the Neighborhood Association, and other concerned peeps. I know this proposed development concerns many many people who love the Farm and Tryon Creek, confirmation and formal invitations will be posted soon.

2. LARGE FULL MOON GATHERING, CEREMONY, AND COMING TOGETHER. Wednesday 10/27. We usually have full and new moon ceremonies. This one will be focused on the vision for the Farm. So bring your ideas, your inspiration, your intention, and help co-create this haven of community and sustainability. As the moon has ripened again, this meeting with be the birth of an organization that can carry the formal, legal weight of raising funds and holding title to this land, that we may grow into open, healthy relationship with it, with our neighbors, and with communities of healing around the city. 5:30 potluck with total lunar eclipse/full moon ceremony, 7pm meeting.

The Farm: 503-244-1776

Directions to Try/on Life Community Farm:
CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR DETAILS:  http://www.tryonfarm.org

TO RIDE YOUR BIKE: From Terwilliger, go South(ish) on Boones Ferry Rd. It's a 10 minute bike ride to the top of our driveway. You will pass a sign on your left, just as the road starts climbing up that says Tryon Creek Studios. Then a sign on the left will say "Sturi-Built Greenhouses" Just after that sign is a gravel pull out on the left for a Tryon Creek trailhead. Our driveway is at the top of this pull out. We HIGHLY encourage biking or walking through the park, but if you must use an automobile, please park there at the top of the driveway and walk down. You'll see our sauna on your left, then the outdoor kitchen, and the main house is next.
TO WALK THROUGH THE PARK: check out the map online
 http://www.oregonstateparks.org/images/pdf/tryon_map.pdf Head towards the High
Bridge. Just after the West Horse Loop turn off, you'll see a clearing on your
right and a little trail onto our property. Walk up the trail to our driveway, the barn on your right. Walk along the driveway past the apartments, the last building is the main house and past that is the outdoor kitchen and sauna.

homepage: homepage: http://www.tryonfarm.org
phone: phone: 503-244-1776

Brownstone Homes: 23 houses in the Tryon Creek watershed 15.Oct.2004 22:18


I hear that the developers are planning to put in something like 23 homes on the land the Farm now occupies. We need to do something about this! We must save what little we have left and use this land for a higher purpose. Join the resistance!

developers are greedy 16.Oct.2004 15:10

and a scourge on the planet

I hope they can be stopped, this is terrible news.