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Flyers for Oct 22nd in Olympia

please help spread these around
handbill front
handbill front
handbill back
handbill back
is portland doing anything for oct. 22nd day of action against police brutality?
Park? 16.Oct.2004 15:11

mb your ally

Could you copy a picture of a mapquest search to Sylvester Park and post it to this thread? Our group just organized two events back to back and we didn't have the kickass to do another one this close, but I'm hella interested in doing a Portland to OLY caravan. What do you think?

directions 16.Oct.2004 22:21


that sounds great that people from pdx will come up for this. directions: take the state capitol exit off I-5. take a right on capitol way (right in front of the capiol building) go down the street and you will see sylvester park on the right hand side (small park with gazebo). capitol way and legion way.
map of sylvester park
map of sylvester park

October 22óDay of Action to Stop Police Brutality 19.Oct.2004 00:40


October 22óDay of Action to Stop Police Brutality

When: Friday October 22nd 6:00pm
Where: Sylvester Park in Downtown Olympia

People will take to the streets to voice outrage over police brutality in our local communities and around the nation this October 22nd in Olympia. This is an independent call to action in solidarity with the October 22nd Coalition and similar protests across the country.

We remember Olympia Police Officers Jeffrey Jordan and Paul Bakala killing Stephen Edwards in the Bayview Thriftway parking lot. We also remember the attempted murder of Kent DeBoer in his own home by Olympia Police Officers Jeffrey Jordan, Greg Brown, and Cliff Maynard.

We will use this opportunity to educate ourselves on every use of force by police officers in our community. We will discuss our options to respond to this ongoing violence.

We are calling on individuals and groups concerned with social justice to endorse this call to action and march with us on October 22nd. In solidarity with the families and friends of people killed by the police, we are asking people to wear black on Friday, October 22nd.

For more information about the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation visit www.october22.org.