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In DC for Million Worker March Sunday

In DC a few days early, a hate group for traditional marriage dominated the mall
As I am doing some sightseeing in Washington DC, prior to the Million Worker March, I saw and heard groups who were carrying on for "traditional" marriage. They wore cowboy hats, pressed blue jeans and boots, and red "Taking a Stand for Marriage" shirts. Walking past them toward the Museums, I could hear blastings from the Bible. I saw vehicles with church groups names. A huge trailer was going around with a sign from The Ten Commandments, and how Kerry did not fit.

I'll just be glad to meetup with pro labor people. There will be a sign-making gathering Saturday afternoon with Seattle people, and an open microphone MWM fund-raising event Saturday night. Today I toured the new American Indian Museum which is a unique spiral-type architecture within, giving the impression one is in a gigantic teepee.
Million Worker March Video 24.Oct.2004 11:35


Anarchists Marched; Workers got Sabatoged and the millions anticipated unfortunately couldn't afford to take off work that day. Some day they will realize that they can't afford not to. Up to 30 buses were diverted by police and not even allowed to stop long enough to drop off of Marchers.

Million Worker March Video